A little Challenge

I have decided to set my self a little challenge this week and in setting it down to the internet might actually make me stick to it. The challenge is I hope a fairly straightforward one. Its to write a blog post every day for seven days. Fairly easy for most people but something I find quite hard, Hoping, in the end, it will lead to a more constructive blogging schedule in the future. I have tried to work out why I find blogging, a little tricky. Below are my findings so far.

1 Call it laziness if you want, but I tend to write a lot of blogs in my head first before they see the light of day in either paper or WordPress form. This leads to them being a lot better in my head! I find it very hard to translate the thoughts in my head to actual words someone else can read. Of course, occasionally the post is completely ”played out” in my head – it was never a good fit for the wider world anyway.

2 Spending a lot of time reading other blogs. I can not say this enough. The blogs I follow are truly incredible, from inspirational to inspiring to just straight up brilliant a lot of the guys and girls on here are truly inspiring. You have helped with everything from game buying decisions, what to cook for dinner and how to cook it 🙂 to keeping fit and how to work out the Sims. Everybody keep up the good work 🙂 You are great.

3 Games, games, games and more games I have played so many great games this year from God of War to Mario Odyssey and most things in between. This year has been a great year for gaming.  But that leads to a decision and It is a tough one, you can’t write about games if you don’t play games and if you are playing games you can’t write about them. Maybe I need to find so middle ground, maybe a few more first impressions? I don’t know

Day 2 of 7

So far so good