Is Backlog the right term?

Backlogs. For some of us it, work the never ending barrage of the to do list, for others in books, books yet to be read their pages ever ready to be dog eared and loved, just as soon as somebody gets a chance to finally sit down and open that first page. For others, myself included it games. Lots of games. I have played more than I care to remember and still have yet more to play. Of course I never will play all of them who can? We live in a world where everything is the next best thing, that what you have now is old tired and no longer worth your time, and so like the crazy little lab rats we are we buy again and again ever ready to be enthralled, dazzled, for a few hours at least of the wonderous new thing we have just taken into our lives. Before that to is casted into the backlog abyss.

I do try to clear my back log from time. With a little burst of gaming energy takes hold of me I will download and try to play any number of games, many downloaded from either of the Xbox Or PlayStation subscription services, I tell myself that they are ” free” and I every now and again I will be surprised by something that I completely missed the first time around but, most of the time I will get bored with it and set it aside my hard drives can attest to this both being the grave yards of my gaming past filled to the brim with once played and then forgotten. I blame this on myself of course, there just isn’t enough time in the day. Then I also blame the backlog, not in the sense of it being there, in some ways in some ways its quite comforting, it will always be there, never ready to leave , like your favourite blanket from child hood or your favourite movie. Of course maybe its just the term that I don’t like. Back log doesn’t sound very inviting does it? It doesn’t encourage you to spend a night in front of the telly, favourite gaming controller in hand getting to know long-lost gaming friends again. So maybe we should change the word? Maybe it should be called Joys Yet to Come or Rainy Sunday Afternoon?


Its the third day of my seven day challenge and I’s still typing away 🙂