Games for People that don’t play games

Excuse this post. It’s a little self-indulgent. You see for the first time in a while I managed to ” convert”  someone and no, not in the way you think. I managed to convert a so-called non-gamer a self-professed hater of gaming no less. A man who once said that ” gaming is nothing but a plaything for children, games are only for people who are scared of the outside world” into a fully fledged gamer, I know what your thinking, and yes I do have friends that don’t play games (shudders) yes somehow we managed to strike up a friendship that has existed and grown over a number of years, primarily over a shared love of football – watching not playing and has gradually evolved into something deeper a true friendship. Of course over the years there have been a few nights, where after a few beers I have slowly steered him towards, the more arcade-centric bars in our town or after a night watching a movie and a pizza have dropped a controller into his lap and just happened to have Mario Kart in the disc tray and whichever Nintendo system is Knocking about turned on and ready to play but nothing has got him interested in gaming before. Nothing until now. I don’t know what happened. Maybe it was the weather it was a rainy Sunday, he was around my house about to help me with some DIY, which we couldn’t do and as the rain beat down ever harder outside I decided to take one last punt, one last strike for Gold just to see if I get him hooked.

The games below are the ones that did it.

1 Mario Kart 8

An easy pick and something I have tried and failed with before but somehow this was the magic gateway drug to get my friend into the magic gaming door. Maybe it was the trippy colours on Rainbow Road. It probabaly was teh fact that he beat me ( a few times) in the ballon fight mode. Somehow I spotted the door was open and in I jumped with

2 Portal 2

I hang my head in shame on this one. I should have tried this earlier. It makes sense to everyone from your 10 year old nephew to your 90 year old grain. Its a Puzzle solver. Everybody (most) people love trying to solve puzzles, right? Well we did until we found one we couldn’t do and moved onto

3 Until Dawn

I know really pushing the boat out and here. Really riding the crest of a wave here I plumped for the ultimate in video games trash horror. I have played and completed the game before but that didn’t stop me jumping at every scare and still trying to hide behind the sofa at any given opportunity. Short story I am a big baby, but luckily he’s not. Well not until he inexplicably managed to kill most of the characters in their first few scenes ( I didn’t even know that was possible) and then he to started to act like a big baby and demanded to play something new.

4 The Stanley Parable

I will declare this a bit of a gamble. This all down to Google and of course you wonderful people here on WordPress. I didn’t know which way to turn, the few games left on my hard drive were things like Spider-Man or Fifa, both I decided contained too many button presses too many systems to learn and too many ways for it to go wrong. I wanted something easy to understand and easy to navigate. So like everyone who finds themselves in these backs against the wall kind of situations, I Googled, I Googled like my life depended on it and what did I find dear friends of the internet? Nothing but the Stanley Parable. Yes, it may be a bit of a walking simulator but,  how does it walks with nothing less than charm and a crazy attitude and features some quite breathtaking voice acting. He loved. I loved and I discovered something I need to go back to and then as he got bored we moved onto. Number 5 the clincher….

5 Fortnite

I know, I’m a terrible person. In all honesty, I could have just loaded Fortnite up in the beginning and let him have at it. There’s something ever so catnip ish about Fortnite for the less than frequent gamer. I can’t quite explain it but the non-gamers just glaze over with glee whenever they play it – I don’t quite understand it myself. The ugly truth is this. He wanted something quick to play. I could see I almost had him. He was almost a gamer and I really was panicking. He was almost over the finish and we hadn’t played a shooter so I panicked and picked the first one I came across in the PlayStation Store.

So there we have it. Five games to get your friends, family loved ones hooked on a life on gaming. Or of course, you could just save your self a whole lot of time and effort and download Fortnite to their phones 🙂