Get out of my head

Sounds they control our lives. From convincing us which cars to buy, the orchestral score will rise higher as the car in the advert flows up and above all the rest taking you and it to new heights, just as long as you buy it. To the way a sound or soundtrack can add an extra layer of emotion to a scene in a movie, imagine a chase, or even a love scene without the music that goes with it – not quite as effective is it? Imagine the opening scene in Star Wars without John Williams classic score, I can’t see it being such a big hit. Of course, games are no different. No stranger to the magic marketing of music, and I am a sucker for it, every time I catch a trailer that has a great track I end up watching the trailer again and again, not for the gameplay, I have already made my mind up on that, what I want to hear is that track again, Its an earworm I just can’t get out of my head. These are a few games that I originally bought, just to get that track out of my head.

1 Hotline Miami

Yep, Have to admit it. What originally brought this game to my attention was not the wonderfully over the top 2 d murder action but the soundtrack when it popped up onto my YouTube list. I still listen to it now, well after the game itself has started to fade from memory. Its evocative and a great companion to the scences of death and destruction you rage as you travel through the game. If you’re so inclined have a listen to my favourite track from the game below

2 Another game that came to my attention not for its fast-moving danger rhythm violence – try saying that fast three times but for the sheer excellence of its soundtrack. Sure the game is brilliant and is especially fantastic in VR but the game wants to beat you up to make you learn its brutal rules through play and I don’t think I would have stuck around as long as I did if not for the great soundtrack that kept me company during the frustrating journey to be competent at the game.

3 Cuphead you Infuriating, brilliant, mean and yet wonderful Cuphead. I can never decide if I like this game, it’s so brilliant, so gorgeous, the cartoonesque graphics are perfect, completely and utterly capturing the elements of the cartoons they represent. I may not know if I like it but, one thing I do know is that this game hates me. It must do because It demands so much attention, concentration and skill all have to be at their highest for a moment’s hesitation, a second of relaxation will cost you dearly, its unforgiving its brutal, think nothing of killing the player just before the end of a level and all we are rewarded with is a game so good, that we keep coming back to it. To give it just one more go, we die again, of course, we do, but then who can blame us for trying when the soundtrack is this good.

4 Crypt of the Necrodancer

For the longest time, this has been on my Switch wish list. It looks like it was made to be played on the go. Great for the commute I thought. Thankfully the Gods were smiling on me and by the time I remembered it, it was discounted on the PS4, to a very lovely price so I had to forget my dream of playing it on the go and settle in for a night in front of the TV instead. Thank goodness I did as this game is hard,so hard that I could see my lovely little handheld being chucked across the train in frustration, it may not be hard for everyone though as you see Crypt of the Necrodancer is a rhythm unlike any of other. It’s a rhythm game where you move your little character in time with the beat of the soundtrack. Easy I thought, no problem, after watching a few trailers I thought it would be simple I was wrong, so very, very wrong. I am terrible at this game, I played if a week and still couldn’t get passed the first level. I played it in easy mode a mode where your enemies can only move with the beat and you are free to move as you want. It should make it a lot easier, it doesn’t, I’m still rubbish. Hopelessly and utterly rubbish,  It’s probably because I have no rhythm but, I like to think it’s because I like the soundtrack so much I spend too much time tapping my feet (in time) to the music and not enough time learning those stupid enemy patterns

Amplified version

There you go there are my my recent purchases, just because I liked the cut of their soundtracks. Do you have anything with a lovely soundtrack that we can add to the list?

Of course, none of the footage is mine. All rights go to the respective owners