Astro Bot: The little Bot who could

Today we find ourselves at the end of our Astro Bot Rescue Mission journey. It was has been a wonderful ride. A true journey onto the unknown, Japan Studio have created an absolute masterpiece for Sony’s VR headset a true platforming gem and one that will go onto to be loved by people of all ages and ages. Its a truly wonderful experience full of suprises, jump and genunie moments of absolute wonder and delightl There are a few things that set this game apart from the rest of the current crop and into a league all of its own they are:

The sense of scale.

Its truly a wonder as the player starts each level you see the level sketched out in front of your eyes and it looks like it will be a boring run of the mill platform until the level is filled out in front of your eyes and you realise that you, and it actually feels like it is you are standing in the middle of this leaving, breathing world. You will peer over ledges, look down chasms with everything made to feel as If you were actually standing there. Look down a long drop and your brain will tell you its a long way to fall – try telling your brain its actually a game as it inadvertently makes you step back from a ledge.

The Challenge

The great thing about this game. Is, as well as it being beautiful, a wonderful VR delight is that it also not that hard – okay some of the bosses are not that hard and will take a few goes but overall, this is a game that wants you to see everything that it has to offer. The only negative on the challenge is that a certain number of bots must be found in order to access the end of world boss in each world. Most of the time this is easy as the bots are beginning to be found but occasionally towards the end I had to back track to make sure I had enough.

The little details.

The levels are filled with obstacles and enemies but as I alluded to earlier they are not that tuff and most of the time serve as nothing more than a way to give the player  extra coins to spend on loot back on the ship, there are however a few larger plants that can’t be used as coin piñatas but will react to the players in the most wonderful of ways. You see once you first see these plants you will know you can interact with them by the way the seem to acknowledge the player in game. At first they will looking of to the side of the level, very sad and gloomy until they spot the player looking at them this will give them an extra burst of energy as their flowers heads power up, look into the players eyes and smile, all the while dancing in time to what ever music is playing in the level. The fact that when the player stops looking at them and sends them back to a state of sadness and dismay made me slightly upset proves just how involved I was with the game and just how good the level of this game is.

The sense of discovery.

Each different world is broken up into separate worlds. Each with an interesting machinic, nothing over stays its welcome and everything feels fresh. One minute you could be swimming with dolphins and then getting sucked into the mouth of a giant whale, or left to pick through the shells on a secluded beach to suddenly being transported onto a rollercoaster hurtling through an underground passage.

This is a game that through its 3-4 hour run wants nothing more than to surprise and delight the player, Its a great game and a bold statement for the future of VR