Beat Saber PSVR

After what felt like a  wait of a thousand years from the initial E3 reveal to last weeks release, Beat Saber is finally available on the PSVR.

Was it worth the wait? Does it make you feel like a magical beat slashing Ninja?

The answer to both these questions is an empathic yes. In fact in the course of writing these few words about the game I have stopped writing and gone back to play the game 2 3 times now. Its just so much fun to play. It deserves all the hype and for me at least it deserves to sit amongst the ever crowing list of must-have PSVR titles including Moss, Astro Bot, Skyrim and Firewall. Its a joy of a game that provided you have the PlayStation Move controllers will have you up and swinging in no time at all.

Its one of the greats its easy to get into but will demand all of your concentration and skill to truly master

Now back to swinging to that pumping soundtrack