The Gardens Between

Today in the UK at least, it is January the 1st and that means the start of 2019!! whoop whoop but, let me stop you for a second. The parties were last and today is a day for rest and reflection a look back on all the good you achieved last year and how you can do even better this year. Wait, what, you don’t think so? Were in the UK oh, yeah I forgot today is not for a reflective look back at the past 12 months. No, my dear friends today is for breaking of New Years Resolutions made only a few hours before and suffering from the biggest hangover you have suffered since Boxing Day oh yes, my friends you still didn’t learn your lesson. This is still one of those hangovers that makes you utter the immortal line – I am never drinking again. Yes its on of those days, wasted as you wrestle with a thirst that just won’t go away no matter how much water you drink a horrible nagging feeling in the back of your mind that you did, something really stupid last night and not for the first time either.

Wait what will help with the Hangover of all Hangovers? Video Games that what.

As I didn’t go out last night, I find myself as the only person in the house that is awake and as I realised I could have a lovely day of Premiership Football and Video Games I decided to watch the football and play the games quietly – we wouldn’t want to wake anybody up unnecessarily would we 🙂 so as I had the Xbox on, downloading Celeste I decided the have a look at the games available with the games pass subscription for something quite and contemplative and I think I found it as I found…

The Gardens  Between.

The Gardens Between is a small indie puzzle game made by the Voxel agents with music by Tim Shiel and is perfect for a day like today, The Puzzles (apart from a few at the end) are perfectly judged. You don’t control either character directly but interact with them as they traverse through the worlds the only thing the play has complete control over Is the ability to reverse time, some puzzles, you are only able to complete by using this mechanic, such as moving one of the characters onto a piece of the map that they can interact with. The characters themselves Arina and Frendt are travelling through the memories that make up their friendship and as each level is completed that memory will shoot of into the nights sky to make a part of a constellation. The game is designed as a contemplative and relaxing experience and at a run time of about 2 and a half hours I think the designers of the game will be more than happy with what they made. All in, this is a great game for today, When all we want to do is relax and get ready for the year ahead

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      1. It’s Dark Souls but a bit less esoteric. You know where the objectives are, and everything is a bit more linear. Finding your way around some of the areas is a bit of a pain though.


      2. I really like that it’s clearer where to go, and more Dark Souls is always good in my book! The navigating issue is when you’re in an open area and you need to get to a certain area but the path to get there is unclear or hard to find. Other than that I like it.

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