Creed PSVR

Its January and just as you can depend on the day getting dark, just as you decide to finally get your day going. You can also depend on me saying that ” this year, I am going to lose a few pounds” and then following that up with” I know I say that every year but, this year…I really mean it” I know I am an idiot, I will forever spend January in a sweaty haze of optimism, trying ever so hard but, not quite hard enough to lose those extra pounds..That have not only been added over and indulgent Christmas but, also those few Kilos that appear every so stealthy, just in time to match the first signs of Autumn in late September. Normally I would fall of the health wagon by, defeated by the offer of a Wagon Wheel or a rogue Jaffa cake left tantalising on the corner on a plate. The words of a friend or colleague, whispering in my ear ”go, it’s just one, you have worked so hard” and of course it would never be just one. My will power, like a sunny day in January would be over all to soon, but this year might be different how ever as I decided to use the power of games consoles to my advance, use a secret weapon. A few years ago I tried it with X Box fitness of and that really worked, it helped me get into and stay to a routine for a good few..months before the inevitable fall. Try, try and try again is what they say and if im anything I am too lazy to go the gym. So I powered up my trusty PSVR looked through the PSVR games on sale and plumped for

Creed PSVR

You see, not only was I going to get fit, I was goign to turn into Rocky whilst I did it. On that note that let me lead into a few lines about Creed PSVR.

Firstly Creed is made by Survious a leading VR team that have made Raw Data and Sprint Vector for the PSVR do if you have played either of those games you will know what to expect a slick, well made game that knows how to get the best out of you and the PSVR tech.

Creed’s Story

Onto the story, which I found…a great one from moving the character on from plot A to Plot point B. It’s a game about boxing after all, You start off not that great and you get better, that’s it really. Lets move on.

Next is the gameplay.

Which is fantastic. With the move controllers as your arms, you are forced to duck, weave and off course punch your foe as many times as possible. It’s a fantastic work out as on anything but the easiest level you will you find your self squatting, duck jabbing weaving and upercutting, if you want any chance of a victory. Added with a block motion where you have to physically hold your arms in front of your face or body to block incoming shots. Its a lovely workout, getting the heart rate up as you try to pick a gap in your opponents defence all whilst not getting knocked down to the canvas. Of course if you do get knocked down it’s not all over as you can get up, all though you may not want to as you have until the count of ten to swing those move controllers in time and try to ”ski” back into your boxers shell. Its a strange sensation as if you are knocked down you are physically knocked out of your body and have to run back to it before  the referee counts to ten.

Mini games.

Now it’s a Boxing game but, not just a Boxing its a Rocky spin-off. So do you get to punch a large slab of meat I hear you ask and the answer is yes, yes you do. In fact you are treated to a whole montage of games to determine your boxers stamina before the next fight, where you will have run on a treadmill, punch the heavy bag, dodge the doge ball and even punch Stallone in the face in a strange combination punching game, where you are charged with hitting the numbers 1-4 in order as they appear on his body before he slowly tries to punch you in the face. It’s all in the name of training and showing the player how to use, or learn new skills and with an online leaderboard attached its very fun, sweat and quite addictive in itself, with the ability to go to a montage or training sessions outside of the main story mode a nice bonus, the only things it won’t have you do is run up and down a set of steps. Sorry Rocky fans.


There nice, impressive on the opposition boxer, some of them really tower above you and bruiseing is shown up in nice red patches on their face or body, but the crowds themselves are nothing to write home about with each different arena made up of indentkit characters.Although the character models  do change, depending on where you are fighting.


The big one for any game like this and the deal breaker if you are trying to lose weight is will you want to play it again. Will you want to play it after a hard days work and the answer is yes, yes I think you will. It may be just going through a few rounds just to get rid of the stress of the day or it may just become part of your routine but, I think for a few months at least, It will give you something interesting to play with each difficulty level (in which there are three) really upping the level the higher you go.


I like them. They sound like punches, the music you want to hear is there. It may not be perfect, but when I have hit someone it has felt like I have connected and the sound doesn’t sound like I have just hit them with a wet fish. Its good.

All in I have enjoyed Creed and got some good fitness sessions going with it. Even with all those wires I have been able to move around to my heart’s content and haven’t as yet fallen over or broken anything.


Just a little note to say that if you are thinking about picking up Creed, please do be careful a friend of mine who is not over weight but is not very fit, played a fight lasting no longer than a minute, had to take the headset off as he was paining so hard. He was however fighting like a mad man, He tried to threw punches for the full-time. His arms flying around like he was Neo from the Matrix. It was very funny to watch.

P.S if anyone wants a PVP match let me know