The Return of the Medic

First we hear the gun fire, the distant crack of a rifle shot and soon after the scream. ts teh scream that hightens our senses, this is now our time, this is waht we are here to do. We start to run. We run towards the sounds of the scream not away. With the scream guiding us to where we need to be. We give no thought to our own safety, do not care for our own well-being our only thought is to save the life of whoever is down. They need us.

So we run. We run through mud, the bottoms of our uniforms clocked in the stuff. Its ignored for every second we are not saving a life is a second wasted. We keep going on and on as the sounds of war fill our ears. The smell of war filling our nostrils. Somehow we reach our targets some our still alive, others are not so lucky, we were too late. They will have to try again. We try to save those that are still left.If we are lucky we manage to pick those, that can be easily, quickly saved. Not wanting to loose our own lives in the process of saving anothers. Trying not to panic, with bullets falling all around us, we stand up make our way to our chosen target, hoping we haven’t chosen a bad target. Someone who hasn’t been knocked down by a sniper. With the sniper still lying in wait, waiting for the next easy target. So we pull out our magical healing syringe and get to work.

This is Battlefield V. The medic, may favourite way to play any on line shooter is back and its a lot of fun. With health packs to deal out like life giving candy and an a magical syringe that can save your friends from the hands of the Grim Reaper, its a lot of fun and a support class that really can dictate the tide of war. If the opposite team, doesn’t have many medics they will loose. I just they were given a gun that couldn’t actually hurt someone when it shoots. You can’t have everything I guess.