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Red Dead Redemption Rockstars prequel to 2010’s original Red Dead release is here and I have completed it! finally making it to the end in what at times felt like more like a second job than progressing full a fully realised cowboy simulator but was it worth it? Were all those hours spent in virtual pursuit of turning my Arthur Morgan from a life crime into more of a model citizen worth it? The answer is.. I am not sure.

I am not sure is a strange answer to give when describing what is one the greatest games ever made so let me try and go a little deeper, you see Red Dead 2 is excellent, a truly open and living sandbox, full of things to do, places to see and people to meet but, it is also an a living sandbox, full of interesting things to do and people to meet. Its as boring as it is beautiful, A game where breath taking vistas are met with a shrug as it has taken the player ten minutes just to get across the map to see them and that is even with the use of fast travel. Red Dead is a game that wants you to take your time to really meander through in true cowboy tradition. Its a game that lets you fish and hunt, not just in mission but just because you can. There are loads of fish to catch. Every stream or river has a fish that can be caught and that’s great, Its just that there are a lot of streams and rivers. Want to catch animals? Great you can capture all of them, Just prepared to spend the rest of your gaming days setting traps, baiting and waiting. waiting and waiting.

The Story

The story is great okay it ”borrows” from every cowboy/ buddy movie under the sun with references to everything from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid to Once Upon a Time in the West, with a smattering of others hidden or making cameos through out the game as you progress through the games world. Also and spoilers ahead the story that you get after the main game is finished fills tacked on. It could have easily been its own game and I would of been happy to buy it or just given away as DLC at a later date. Its so big and once I realised what was coming I couldn’t wait for it to end. The main game was enough for me.

In short Red Dead Redemption 2 is a masterpiece of a game. Its a game that will be borrowed heavily upon in years to come, it adds some wonderful additions to the genre. The honour system once you have enough progressed far enough to either the dark or light side really does have an impact on the game and I really felt that the world was alive. The conversations I have had with some of the NPC’s are the best yet in this generation and I can only look forward to what the next generation will bring .Its not a masterpiece without its faults though. The game is big, it might be too big, at first you will want to see everything to do everything from every camp fire to flock of birds you will find your self chasing every lead down and being the cowboy you want to be and that comes at a cost, The cost of your time. Rockstar doesn’t care about your time, with the travel across the game world being so slow, its not a game you can play for half an hour here or there. Its a game that demands long gaming sessions, I guess its a good thing that you want mind handing it over.

A few notes. I played the game very honourably. I didn’t steal or kill anyone or anything unless the story made me do it and maybe that’s why the game was very friendly towards me, I had no crashes, no silly horses walking into trees, I didn’t ride into town only to get quickly chased out of it again as my horse run somebody down. No my game time was filled with hellos and how are yous from all the NPC’s nd cheaper items in all the shops. I also didn’t kill any animals outside of the main story missions. Even when my own camp demand I do It, to keep everybody fed, I found my horse would run over enough of the poor animals to keep the camp’s cook happy and pot full. Still I felt sorry for the suicidal little bunnies .

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  1. Ours is a house of gamers and my daughter and I avid horsewomen. All over Christmas you could hear effing and jeffing and then some followed by “Mum!!! How the f@ck do you break and ride horses without them throwing you and jumping off a cliff??”

    RDRD is a superb game though as you right say. Lived up to every bit of the hype. And it’s funny as hell the glitches and fails and bloopers are as fun to watch.

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