It’s her

It all started with a photo.

As with so many of these it started with a casual off-hand remark. It was a simple ”I think I have seen her before” that started the ball rolling on this. Which lead to some investigative Googling which led to me declaring that Yes, My wife of 10 years may in fact be an Avatar. I don’t think she has been sent by Skynet to destroy us all but, if that does happen I am really sorry 🙂

Let me explain. The photo in question, was nothing more my wife, sitting at her late on a Friday afternoon, nothing remarkable about that apart from the fact that she was engaged in a Nerf gun war. I know, not fair Is it? Some of us work hard for our money and others just play with Nerf Guns. It was the Nerf guns that brought the photo to my attention, made me show it to my colleague to try and show her that it was Friday afternoon and it was this action of showing the photo to my colleague that made her utter her now famous line ” I think I have seen her before” . When I sent this comment back to my wife, she said it was odd a A she has never met my colleague but, a few other people she had met recently at the Gym, in the Local Coffee Shop etc had all sworn that they too had met her before. So on Friday night we started to Google, maybe some body famous with a passing likeness to her had just moved in down the road or maybe this people were all friends of friends on Facebook.

Nothing happened at first. We tried the Facebook route at first, not friends of friends, we tried Gym classes all different classes, we were stuck (and with nothing to watch on Netflix) we started to ask the younger generation, we asked Nieces and Nephews just to see if anything had come up. You never know what can go viral right now 🙂 for most of the night the answers were negative, which was a bit of a relieve. we didn’t want a picture cicling on the internet. But, then just as we were about to give up, someone said: You do look kind of like the woman on Fortnite and there it was dear readers, the key to all this madness. Video game characters.

As it turns out my wife does look vaguely similar to the woman in Fortnite but we found someone who looks even more like her, someone who could be the virtual image and that person is: The battery specialist from Call of Duty: Black Ops III. This avatar is not only the spitting image of my wife but, I imagine from reading her character description that their personalities are pretty similar as well. Competitive check, head strong check, can keep going and going check, like having the hair on the sides of their head shaved check. The list goes on the avatars goes on. Its suddenly the defacto look for most female avatars in game and I keep expecting my wife to bounce around the room or pull out a giant machine gun and take down a ”hostile”.

If you don’t hear from me from a while, I have vanished, digitised and ready appear in future games. Keep safe :}