I am someone who is always looking for that quick fix, always trying to find the quickest way to improve everything, From general intelligence, to map reading skills, arts and crafts to blogging and back again to Bloodborne, just how are so are some people so good at this game? Well, where there is a will there a way and I would of looked for it, scraping the barrels of the internet for any speedy quick I can find, and of course that the quick fix approach to the Holy Grail of quick fixes, the need to shed a few pounds (and generally improve my overall fitness) before the British summer descends on our pale and slightly chubby heads.

So With the eagerness of a man that is tired of breathing in every time he looks at his torso in the mirror, I ran (wobble jogged) to the internet, to find what could be found on the internet. Of course being a gamer, I tried a gaming approach first and that led me to the game in the aforementioned title BOX VR.

The Box VR first impressions were all great, a great little batch of videos on YouTube all devoted to what looked like a boxing game that could be played in VR. Well my friends, that made my heart sing. A game, that could be played in my house, in front of no one but my cat and let me get in a full blown boxing workout in. Well how could I say no? I dug deeper into the depths of YouTube trying to find someone who said something negative about the game, and the only thing that came up, but came up on nearly every video I watched was the fact the people playing the game, were in their own words, not fit. Now this is a big caveat, I am fairly fit, I do more than my ten thousand steps a day, I do {mostly) eat a healthy diet and I generally do anywhere from 3-4 exercise classes a week. Was I doing the right thing, buying a game that wasn’t developed with me in my mind? Id this a game with the beginner in mind? Which is a great idea, but is built for me, will it help me loose a few pounds and more importantly have any sort of challenge to keep me motivated?

Friends, I shouldn’t have worried. BoxVR has more that enough ”game” to it from the beginner to the workout savvy this game has everything from quick 2 minute work outs to anything in-between with the longest lasting a mind boggling 57 minutes. With tons of variety thrown in the mix. You will be ducking, squatting, squatting, hooking and upper cutting (as long as you have the required Move controllers). Add into the mix a whopping 120 different tracks to box to with everything, from Hip Hop to Pop covered. Its a great time and one I can see myself coming back to, especially as I have set myself a daily goal of 30 minutes exercise.


A little bit of public service announcement now. At first I had my weight set to roughly 22 stone. It sets, your weight in KG and being from the UK I had no idea how much I weigh in KG so just put in an arbitrary number, thinking that it didn’t matter and wouldn’t have any relevance on anything go forward. This is wrong set your weight as correctly as you can. This game comes with a calorie counter and where I thought I had managed to burn through 844 calories in only 44 minutes of play and declared this game, the new saviour of man kind, a long with an order of milkshake for breakfast followed by a breakfast of bacon, eggs and sausages and everything in between, Imaging a small workout afterwards would leave me calorie free, I decided to first have a little Google and see if the calorie counter was actually correct. Of course it wasn’t, Firstly as said above my weight is not currently 22 stone, I sit more around the 12 stone mark, so this is wrong but, also that the game itself counts calories as if the player was throwing every, punch, duck and weave at 100 per cent of their total output, this is impossible. It turns out that the calorie counter is half right. So take the calorie counter with a pinch of salt, divide any number given by 50 per cent and you should be okay, don’t get me wrong its still a great way to burn calories.

A full review is coming. I just need my arms to stop aching so much first:)