An odd Gaming Crush

This, is an odd one but bare with me for a second, every now and again, do you get an urge to play a game that you would never normally play? A game that just wouldn’t be something you would usually be interest in? Well, its something I do often and this time the crush was on a game we will of all heard of and that is the PS4 exclusive Days Gone

It all started with a Horde.

That’s what got my attention. Sony Bends, horde tech really caught my attention, I was bored with ”zombie” games, time has past and I really think it’s time for something new, to go in a new narrative direction, I don’t know what that new direction is but, the Zombie survival genre has been done to death. but, when from the moment I saw my first horde in a promotional video on the Sony YouTube channel I was hooked, I couldn’t wait to live in that world, to feel the fear rise in my throat, the hair standing up on the back of my neck as the horde raced towards me intent on tearing me limb from limb.

I was so exited

I started to watch every video ,every press release I could findfor not only were there dangers from the Zombie hordes but what had ever had infected the local population had not stopped with the human population it also spread to the local wildlife as well! I was in wonder as I watched the player run or drive on their motorcycle from infected Wolves or even Bears. I was so exited, this looked like a fully, living, breathing environment where the most intricate plan could be destroyed in a moment as an infected Bear, or horde crashes through an enemy encampment, Would this help or hinder you? nobody knows and I couldn’t wait to find out.

Then the reviews started to come in.

I started to worry, IGN were less than positive, awarding the game a 6.50 on release, I tried to stay positive, moved onto Games Radar, that was better but, still not great, I moved on again, this time to Polygon, again not good, Push Square no better – in fact it was getting worse. I visited site after site and everyone said they same things, the game was boring, the combat was poor, the AI was poor. My crush started to wain – would I wait for a sale? Was it worth it? Still reading reviews on any site I could find, I turned into a Days Gone detective, trying to find anything to save my beloved crush. Nothing came to its rescue, the game was long over long, it was boring, repetitive, the horde tech was good but, it was out done by the negatives. Was this it, would I have to end it with my crush, before we had even begun?

Things started to change.

I started to see re-reviews, second opinions. People had played the game again, borrowed it from friends and were now seeing a different game, a game not weighed down by the expectations of the other Sony exclusives such as God of War or Spiderman. No Days Gone wasn’t getting scores in the 9s or 10s but it was getting a lot of 7s and even a few 8s. After all a games negatives are a lot easier to look past if your not expecting a masterpiece.

I still haven’t paid for Days Gone. Its still on my wish list, I will pick it up one day but the initial spark of interest I had in it is gone, moved onto pastures new ( Blood and Truth for the PSVR) but, I know one day our time will come.

What about you, have you tried Days Gone? Did you like it?