Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

It is possible to love a game and yet somehow dislike it? If it is, Fallen Order is that game.

Don’t get me wrong it is by far the best single player Star Wars game of the last few years, it just isn’t the best game Remedy Entertainment have made that award, in my opinion still goes to Titanfall 2.

There is a lot to love about Fallen Order. It includes an incredible amount of fan service for the average Star Wars fan, from the authentic swoosh the lightsabre’s make as you twirl them around your body to either defeat enemies, deflect blaster bolts or just twirl it about in your hands to get a feel for the jedi’s favourite weapon the lightsabers are very impressive, next up are the worlds themselves which are for the most part very different from each other, I won’t go into any specific spoilers here but you feel like each different world is it’s own part of the puzzle with each individual world adding to your hero’s Journey. yes they do all fall into the Remedy Formula of lots of jumping, lots of running and then lots of wall running but, when it’s this good who can complain. I can just see why nearly all of the planets are abandoned, they are all very hazardous, My favourite thing about the game has to be the Storm Troopers themselves, they are an absolute credit to the game and the developers, they have all been injected with a kind of personality some will call out to a group if they see you, some will try and tackle our Jedi hero all alone, their dialogue is brilliant, if in a group some will start out defiant calling out Cal, telling him he is about to die, before quickly complementing his guard, if their attacks can’t get through, and as there numbers dwindle some will call out to Cal telling him that they don’t need the help of the other Storm Troopers that they will be enough to defeat home others when down to a one-on-one situation will see the impending doom on the horizon and say things like ” they knew they were going to die here and how they didn’t want to be the last one standing ” all of this adds some personality to the game, a bit of gallows humour to what could be a very straight forward fight against underpowered cannon-fodder enemies

The Bit’s I didn’t Like

Every Ying must have it’s yang For Fallen order they are a few bit’s of the game that just didn’t feel right for me, some bits that just made me go oh, okay and here they are.

Parts from other games. It’s been said a lot before and I am only going to repeat it here, Fallen:Order takes a lot from other games, just from my time with the game I spotted (cough, cough) influence’s from games such as Dark Souls, God of War, Tome Raider, Titanfall and most importantly the Uncharted series. Where the influences to some of the game’s mentioned to spot are easy, for example the Dark Souls references are easy to spot as Fallen Order lifts the game’s saves mechanic wholesale only changing the name of the save system it’s self from Bonfire to Mediation. I felt the game actually took much of it’s core gameplay from Titanfall, Tomb Raider and Uncharted. The game feels like a Tomb Raider game with the cinematic feel of the Uncharted series mixed in with it and this is great, all the above games are some of my favourite I love the genre. It’s just I felt that those other games did it better, Titanfall’s movement it’s sense of speed its copied here but not matched, the climbing taken from Tomb Raider is an imitation of it, I lost count of the number of times I died to the game not letting me grab an easy hand hold or just piloting me of the edge of a cliff and whilst these niggles do get ironed out as our Jedi get’s more powerful and more abilities are added to his repertoire it never felt like I was fully in control. I think tonally Fallen Order takes most of it’s hints from Uncharted it want’s to be Uncharted want’s to take it’s crown as the king of action adventure games, It wants to be seen as gaming’s answer to old Saturday morning cartoons and again there are some cinematic set pieces that are almost breath taking. Where in an Uncharted game a set piece is a thing to be marvelled at, the player feels like they go through it by the skin of their teeth but in reality as the explosions fly by and death hurtles past you at a hundred miles an hour the player is asked to do the minimum to not do much more than almost sit back and enjoy the spectacle. Fallen Order again tries to imitate this sense of spectacle, but can’t help adding in a wall run here or a delicate jump there, that just manages to take the players eye of the sheer enjoyment of what they are seeing as they fail at the last hurdle. Sometimes we just want to see a great explosion and a last minute escape.

Thank you for reading through my wittering’s, Have you tried Fallen Order, What do you think of our Jedi Hero?