Normally I don’t tend to write about games, I haven’t enjoyed. Pretending instead to treat it as something that never happened, a mistake on both my part and the part of the game. Something that is best forgotten and left in the past.

Sometimes however, rules need to change. Words need to be typed and things need to be said. This is where I find myself with the PSVR release of Gorn. I can’t stand this game. For me it’s like a relationship that has gone wrong, we didn’t get on from the start and now its best we keep apart. These are the reasons why my initial hope for Gorn turned into Hate.

  1. Overhype. I watched videos of the game for months before it’s release, admiring it from afar, the game looks incredible, it’s a mindless gladiator simulator. with cartoony graphics with realistic physics, Everything is very cartoony, the crowd are giant heads peering down on you you can where the gameplay is just you trying to survive a gladiatorial onslaught you can pull opponents apart throw them out of the arena, stack them up into little piles of dead pixels, shoot arrows, hit opponents with hammers and a whole range of other options, with the end goal being for the player to smash each opponents into a messy pulp and generally have a fun time. Think Bar Simulator with a lot more care and attention
  2. Controls . The controls for the PSVR Version of this game just don’t seem to work for me, I have seen videos of people gliding around the arena dishing out death at every single angle like some sort of gladiatorial avenging Angel, where I am stuck going backwards when I want to forwards and forwards when I want to go backwards. I know the game has a cartoony feel with it with your opponents moving more like giant jelly babies than real people but I just can’t get the hang of it, my opponent’s must laugh as the seem me edging nearer and then further away.
  3. The Health System The health system is by far my least favourite part of the game. It runs like this as soon as you are hit be it a fist, a hammer or an arrow you start to blead out with a portion of red to indicate you are bleeding filling up the screen, the red will very quickly fill up the players vision meaning that the player has bled out and that they are dead with the only way to avoid this is to quickly quickly kill an opponent in the few seconds you get before dying. Now I don’t know if you have played this game but, this mechaninc is something that fills me with absolute panic and more than a few curses being shouted around the house, trying to fight whilst you can’t quite get to where you want to go is one of the most frustrating gaming systems I have ever come across. I hope that something like a three hit and your out system is implemented in a future patch,
  4. Variety I know, I knew what I was getting the moment I first picked the game up Gorn its a fighting sim, what did I expect? Well, I think I expected a bit more fitness to the combat than just grabbing a weapon and walling my arms about hoping for the best outcome but, it still doesn’t hide the fact that you can pick up a weapon and throw yours about in the hope of winning (good for fitness, I guess)
  5. It could just be me Of course it might just be me, my camera could be too low (tried it) I could just be crap – fairly likely or and my probably most likely the game isn’t for me. Not everyone can be a winner, I hope if you have played the game and if you have any tips please let me know