Recently I jumped back into the world of VR and picked up an Oculus Quest headset. This not being my first foray into the wonderful world of VR, I didn’t experience the initial thrill that people new to VR often feel, that initial rush to your system as your brain is suddenly tricked into thinking that you are no longer stuck in your own little house, that your feet are no longer stuck in normal vil but have been transported onto a new plain it could be your own desert island, trapped in a desolate, haunted house or strapped into your own fighter jet. No none of that for me. I did experience another rush though and that, was when I realised I could move in a full 360 degrees and no longer be strangled by wires or other constraints. It truly is a game changer for VR as a medium, I can’t count how many times, I have walked into a wall or stumbled into a chair, simply because my brain forgot they were there – in fact even after I stumbled into them I somehow couldn’t work out what was there. They weren’t in the game I was playing and so couldn’t have existed.

This wasn’t something that was possible with my other VR headset, the brilliant but dated PSVR. It’s an excellent VR headset but never quite gets you to forget your own reality and so with the new freedom given to me by the quest i dived into a few games that are also available on the PSVR but, I would only play without the need for wires. The first up was the much reviewed and heavily praised Pistol Whip

The reviews are right. Mass consensus is right. This is an excellent VR game. For me it sits right behind Beat Saber as the go to game for showing people new to VR the power of Virtual Reality

I didn’t find it all plan sailing though. Although the game play is excellent. Who doesn’t want to pretend that they are John Wick as they barrel through a scene dodging bullets and other obstructions as they go? My only problem with it was the original music included in the game. It just wasn’t my thing. Completely my fault. You can only like what you like and I just didn’t find it to my taste. That however has now changed and lead me to the title of this piece with the release of the Heartbreaker trilogy. Where the original soundtrack is hard and tough filled with deep base lines and heavy drums the new three tracks are light and airy the music feels like you are on holiday, resting by the pool. Soft sounds and a soothing base line. I found my self dancing along to the new tracks as I shot and dogged my way through the new level. There bright and airy scenes are filled with palm trees and bright lights and as I shot I realised that I was doing something I hadn’t done before. I was playing the game as if I was in one of the movies this game tries to pay homage to. I wasn’t diving behind cover but I was enjoying the levels more, I was able to dodge out of the way of incoming bullets in the way that I found impossible in the original soundtrack. This game had gone from something I was enjoying to something that I was starting to love and as it started to click more and more I was playing with a smile on my face. It’s a great game but the new tracks have put in the must have bracket for me.