The premiership is (nearly) here

It’s time to get exited. With only five days left to run before the fa pREMIERSHIP season returns, (so soon) It’s time to get that pen and paper ready and prepare for something even bigger, even more exiting than football itsself and that, dear reader is the return of the fantasy football team.

Yes. The Fantasy League. Soon millions of us will be sweating over a piece of paper and a clip board as we try read up on ever single nugget of information we can garner. Any bit of knowledge that will give us the tiniest advantage over our friends as we prepare to battle it out over the next 38 weeks of fantasy madness. Will KDB again rule the roust, can Fernandes keep up the impressive scoring streak or will a yet unknown quantity come into the league and have us all tearing up our teams in desperation as we try to fit him into our teams.

It’s the start of a new season. It’s time to dream. This year could be your year. It probabaly won’t, but it just might.

Below is my team going into the first week. It will probably completely change by week two as I curse myself for all the stupid decisions I have made.

The fantasy dream
We can but dream