Biomutant finally a release date!

It look’s like Biomutant the game that has been ”about to be released” since 2018. Has finally got a release date and that date is the 25th of May 2021. Celebration indeed

For those of us unaware what all the fuss is about. Biomutant is an open world game set in what looks like the far future. A future where humanity has ceased to be. A future where all that is left of us is rubble and waste. Abounded shops, derelict apartment blocks and the occasional downed plane littler the world. A world that has slowly returned to nature. A nature that is starting to see it’s next dominant creatures. This time the dominant force’s in the world have decided not to throw all their eggs in one basket as they do with humanity but have gone with a much more varied response. For it look’s like all the animals in this world from mice to turtles are now sentient. All trying to life their lives as well as they can.

The gameplay of Biomutant seems to be similar to that of the Monster Hunter Series. Where everything you see has a goal a life it’s living and it’s up to you to try and mess that up. It also looks stunningly gorgeous

It’s also an RPG. Everything now seems to have some of RPG element doesn’t it? So of course you can create your character. Tailoring it’s needs to your specific playstyle. You can craft your look making it feel like your very own character. All the while being careful of the RPG mechanics. Basically everything has an effect on your precious stats.

In fact the only thing that puts me off this game. A game that looks good enough to be a AAA game is that the animals you come across in the game seem to see so very much alive. Their animations are so fluid, the colours so vivid. In fact my only reservation about playing this game is that the game might, and I really hope it doesn’t make me kill them. I know this is silly they are after all only computer generated images. But as much as I watch the trailer. I can’t see one of them, that I don’t want to turn into a cuddly toy and there is no way that I could kill a teddy.

Have a look at the gameplay below

Biomutant – Gameplay Trailer 2020 – YouTube