Can’t get a PS5?

Can’t get a PS5? Me neither.

Don’t worry your not the only one. I have spent much more time than I would like to admit trawling websites, hoping to spot one out in the wild or stalking the PS5UK Twitter streams in the hope that I may be one of the very, very few that actually manages to grab one of these new shiny console’s before they are either all snapped up by bots or by those lucky few that just happen be on the website at the right time.

I don’t even know why I want one, I really don’t. Just caught up in the hype. It’s not like I will suddenly overcome my aversion to Dark Souls. I don’t have the capacity to die over and over again, just to learn and be a tiny bit better next time. Plus and this is probably what’s really stopping me is with everything else seemingly released on the PS4 I know I should just wait until the consoles are readily available and there is something I want to play.

So as I given into the fact that I will playing on the PS4 for some time yet, I decided to do an inventory of all the PS4 games that I have played over the last six years and make a note of what I should play and in doing that I had a little run down memory lane. As I looked across old saved files and trophies half forgotten I remembered all the good times I had with the PS4 and remembered some of the more obscure games that had been forgotten, not just by me but maybe the gaming community as well. So I thought as I had the time and a need to do something with my laptop that wasn’t refresh Twitter every few seconds I decided to create a list. A list of five PS4 games that you probably have in your backlog but, for reasons now lost to time, forgotten to play

Some maybe obvious some may make you shake your head but, at least I am not on Twitter 🙂

Mad Max.

You forgot it even released on the PS4 didn’t you? It’s okay, until about six months ago I had forgotten it existed as well – I guess that’s what happens when you release your game on the same day as Metal Gear Solid V: The Forgotten Pain. It is however a solid RPG with decent fight mechanics, excellent driving and an open world that feels somehow alive despite being very, very desolate and you have a pretty decent game. With the added Cherry on the top of this once being a ”free” PS Plus game you to may have this one gathering dust in your digital library

Mad Max the forgotten king of the wasteland

Concrete Genie

Okay, I will forgive you for forgetting about Mad MAX an obscure title from a few years ago. The next title on my list; the wonderful Concrete Genie should not be such a blast from the past as it is currently one of the ”free” titles available this month with PS Plus subscription and a good game it is. It has been in my ”about to buy” list more times than I care to remember and yet despite numerous good reviews, I just didn’t get round to picking it up. Yet I am more than happy to be playing it now. Its a wonderful contrast to the grey, overcast days we are currently experiencing here in the UK, a colourful bolt of light in our grey days. It’s a game where all you do is create, to bring back to life an old derelict shipping village with the help of genies you create using the PS4 as a magical paint brush. It’s a lovely tonic for the soul, With no death, no fighting and nothing in the way of stress.

Firewall Zero Hour

Can you sense a pattern emerging with my picks? Yes you guessed it this is another game that was once, back in years past available through PS Plus. Don’t worry though as Firewall Zero Hour is completely different from the other two. This is a PSVR game. Don’t groan. It’s really good. I promise. If your into team communication and like shouting out strange army words like ”spector inbound” and are not surprised when random strangers shout out ”’GO, GO, GO ”for the 27th time in row then this is a game for you. The only caveats to enjoying it are A; having a PSVR headset and B; Having the Aim controller. This game was made for the Aim controller in mind and it really shows, the level of immersion is simply stunning it will have you thinking your in the military in a matter of minutes.


The next game up on our list isn’t a shooter, doesn’t have you driving through a wasteland fighting to survive or even have you trying to reconnect with your community. It also has not been ( as far as I know) ever appeared on PS Plus but it is a completely delightful and utterly beautiful experience. Abzu is a game created by one of the creators behind the excellent Journey and if you have played that then you will know what kind of game this game is . For this is a game about starting again. About tranquillity, about peace. Maybe even the meaning of existence. Well at least that’s my take on it, on what I make of the story. The game world has been overpopulated to the point of extinction and that is exactly what has happened. Most things on what I think is Earth have vanished. You are a part of the last few reaming people left on Earth and your task is to see, what’s in the sea. A Sea that as first, is quiet, with only a few shoal’s of fish swimming here and there but as you progress through the game you are able to unlock various different species of fish (and some mammals) and as these new species are added to the game they add an extra array of colour and variety to the levels that truly has to be seen to be believed. A bit of sunshine on a grey day

The Order 1886

The most controversial game on this list by a long way. I don’t blame you for not playing it. It is a wildly indifferent thing, a deeply conflicted thing. The negatives are many it has; dodgy AI, indifferent character controls, a beautiful look but don’t touch world, sluggish pacing and too many other negatives to name, but it has some positives as well; it is utterly gorgeous to look at, a story that’s good when it get’s going, characters that are for the most part well rounded and cut scenes that are a thing to behold, they really are a thing of beauty. Yes the gun-play maybe be dodgy and the game may finish just as you start to get invested in it but, I left wanting more. I wanted the story to continue and that is why it’s in this list, plus it’s got werewolves, who doesn’t love a werewolf story?

Any on this list take your fancy? Any recomendations you can give to me?

Let me know in the comments below

P.S I am not actually allowed to play Firewall anymore. I live in a flat and apparently my neighbours don’t like it when a grown man screams out” Alpha, Tango, Charlie. GO. GO GO” at four in the morning

P.P.S Haven’t actually completed Concrete Genie yet, so if the cute little Genie creatures turn out to be a murderous horde conjured up from another dimension – you have been warned 🙂

8 thoughts on “Can’t get a PS5?

  1. Ohhh Concrete Genie looks great and thank you for letting me know it’s in the ps store. I too have been scouring the internet for a PS5. I could have gotten one on release (possibly by getting up at 3am) but my fiancé said he was getting it for me for Christmas. I should have known that he didn’t think to get up in the weeee hours of the morning to snag one… for a millennial he really is old fashioned 😂😂😂. Great idea to go through your memories on the ps4. I have seen saves from everything from tropico 6 (an amazing game if you like strategy and civ games) to brawlhalla which I can’t even remember 🤣🤣🤣. Good luck 🍀 on your search and hopefully both of us can get the next gen console before too long

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    1. Good luck on your PS5 journey as well. It’s strange that there is just so many games we have no memory of. If you are in the UK, it looks like there might a restock tomorrow. Thanks for commenting

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  2. I fully support your recommendation for Concrete Genie! The Order 1886 has actually been sitting in my backlog for a little while now, I feel like I should give it a go this year.
    I’ll be honest, I’m in no rush to buy a PS5 (even if I could find one…) as I still have plenty of PS4 games to show some love to. I finally started Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered this month and I am lovin it. I normally wait a year or so before looking at the next console, as the initial line up of games are quite limited and sometimes the consoles have some bugs that need working out.Still, I wish everyone who is looking for a PS5 the best of luck!

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    1. I think your right, there isn’t really anything worth playing on the PS5 as yet. 🙂 Glad you are enjoying Ni No Kuni. I couldn’t get into it, will have to give it another go. I hope you enjoy the order 1886

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  3. I’ve got several of these as well, some of them are PS Plus gems that’s I’d forgotten I’d got. I’ve tried a couple of times to get a PS5 but more or less given up now as they sell out so quickly – its impossible. I’m quite happy with my PS4 and have games I still want to finish on it. So I’m going to dust off Mad Max, Tomb Raider, and a couple of others I’ve been meaning to check out as well. I’ve never bought a new console at release anyway, so I’m not too bothered about PS5 right now as my PS4 still has a lot to offer. 🙂

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    1. Great comment. The Tomb Raider games are brilliant. Plus with the PS5 out it looks like the PS Plus games for the PS4 have improved in quality. I mean Control and Concrete Genie in one month is pretty good, Plus we can add the PS5 games to our library ready for when we get our hands on a PS5

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      1. For sure, I’ve still got both of the Tomb Raider games still to play that have been free on PS Plus. Such great value. I played Control a while back and that that’s brilliant as well, you’ll have a great time playing that! Although I’d love a PS5 the chances of getting one at the moment are pretty slim, but I’m not bothered so long as I have so many quality games to still enjoy on PS4. Sure it will be worth the wait, we can still add PS5 games to our libraries if we wish, and the backwards compatibility with PS4 is sure to be a bonus as well. 🙂

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