Free PS4 game now available

Dear reader, yes, you read that correctly. No need to do a double-take.

the developers of We Where Here, Total Mayhem Games have just popped up on the PlayStation blog to say that the first chapter of their release is ready now and its free to download.

It looks the first chapter has been released today, for free with the next two chapters releasing on the 23rd of February ( which I don’t think are free)

It’s free but will you want to play it?

It seems to be a cooperative first-puzzle adventure where your goal is to escape and all you and you cooperative partner have to aid you is a pair of walkie-talkies and you and your partner will be challenged to work on the same wavelength to escape

from what I have read about the game, it sounds really interesting and as it’s free I am sure I will give it ago. The only problem I can see is that it is only playable online with a co-op partner. That sucks but, I am sure I can find someone to help me out.