Can we just have a “Zombies Ate my Neighbours” remake now?

Somewhere, probably in a Galaxy far, far away. They are playing the Zombies at my neighbours 2 and it’s not fair. I want to be in that Galaxy.

Let me tell you why we should all want to be in that galaxy

But first let me set the scene; It’s 1993, It’s Friday night, you are in your local Blockbuster video and your parents in a vain attempt to find something, anything to keep you occupied for the weekend have left you alone in the computer game isle. As your hands run along the rows and rows of computer game boxes you smile to yourself, your happy. There’s so much to play and anything could be mine, what should I pick, there’s so much choice, it could be ; Day of The Tentacle, James Pond 3, Rock ‘N’ Roll Racing, Doom?( might get away with that one), Mortal Kombat ( not a chance, if my parents don’t pick up on the artwork on the box, the eyebrows of the cashier, raised in utter disbelief will give the game away. So what to, what to pick. I find myself at the end of isle, starting to worry. I know I haven’t got much time left before my parents, pick their movie and decide they have wasted enough time in this shop and shuffle us all out. Then, in what I later call a flash of inspiration but what is really a panicked look around the shop my eyes flutter down and see it. They see: Zombies ate my Neighbours. My hands dart to the box, fingers scratching against it, grabbing at the box, I pick it up in my hands it looks good, I roll it round my hands, trying to work out what the games about but, I can’t really tell. Assuming it’s a horror game, and one that doesn’t seem to have any obvious gore on the box. I decide to take a chance. Not just because my parents are making my way to the till but also I see that the main character is wearing sunglasses. Sunglasses with one red and one green lens. Very cool . Oh so 90’s.

‘That’s how I found out about Zeke and his friend Julie in the UK release of Zombies ate my Neighbours. The best 90’s game that has somehow not been remastered, remade or just flat-out released. And no, I am not including Ghoul Patrol – it didn’t have the shame charm.

You see what made Zombies so special to me was that charm it had, it’s simple confidence in just being what it was a game that was created by people that wanted to play it. I guess that’s not hard to see as the game was created by Lucas Arts a company flying high at the time at the absolute peak of it’s power. A company that somehow knew what the public wanted and seemed to be able to cater for that audience by creating a simple game that had you initially trying to save your neighbours from being eaten, but led into you having to save people from Pyramids, shopping centres and hunted castles and the enemies were not just Zombies but a whole host of monsters seen in 50’s horror movies. The whole gang was here from Zombies to, Chainsaw Wielding maniacs to Werewolves’ in between. Even finding time to throw in a giant hungry baby ( The 90’s were a strange decade). It was a best of monster mix from the 50’s bought to live in the 90’s it was a lot of fun.

It was also. Very, very hard. I’m talking one hit kill hard. Not for you. You had a couple of lives and a a few health packs but, for the people you had to save. One hot and there dead. No second chances, no respawns that was it, and as you couldn’t leave the level before you saved all of the people in that level it was tuff. It was stressful. It was cruel. Luck paid a major part and maybe that’s why we haven’t seen it make a comeback?

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