The PS5 fever

It got me. I didn’t think it would but, somehow, somewhere deep in the back of my mind a nagging thought had started to bite into my subconscious. A thought that said ” you should buy a PS5 you need a PS5 you want a PS5”.

I didn’t think I needed/ should get one yet, but, as my backlog grew ever smaller and the messages from friends, asking if they should get one ”for their children” grew more frequent. I started to want one. My resolve began to crack. I Started to check the PS5 twitter accounts more frequently. I checked Ebay and laughed at the price. But still the fever grew ever stronger. I didn’t want one I told myself. There is nothing to play I told myself. Yet, still the need grew until one day. Without too much effort on my part,

I got one

Not this actual one

Yes dear reader. In the space of a week I went from I don’t need one to I MUST have one. I didn’t mean too. It just happened. I stumbled across the GAME website (of all places, GAME) one morning and there they were, waving at me across the internet, all available, all ready to pre-order so I picked one – just at random, more of an experiment really. Yes, a scientific experiment just to see how far I could get towards paying for the thing before the inevitable website crash and sorry out of stock notice.

It didn’t come.

Well the website was very slow but, it didn’t crash and so in the name of science, I left the window open and got on with my day, I started to do a workout checking every time I had a break to see how far the website had loaded. Not very far was the answer. Still I left it, satisfied that I wouldn’t get one but amused to see how long the website would let this go on for. Eventually, I got through, clicked on the payment screen and asked to enter my details. I started to enter my credit card details and just as I was about to enter the final few digits the inevitable happened.

The website crashed. It gave up and so did I. We both moved on.

For about twenty five minutes. I logged back on. More eager to see how quickly the bundles had gone that see if anything was left. Of course I cast an eye over my basket just to see if GAME had tried to sell me anything else and I noticed that it still had one item in the basket. I ignored it, expecting it to be the second controller I had added to my order. I moved around the website, I could see the PlayStations had gone but, I didn’t know how quickly they had been sold. In my frustration at not being able to find this out and now being unable to complete my experiment I went to close the browser but, decided first to clear my basket – I didn’t want to accidently add an extra controller or whatever goodies GAME decided had decided to leave me with to my next order. So I opened my basket and with wide-eyed disbelief I saw it. There sitting as happy as could be was a PS5 staring right back. I grabbed for my wallet – the PS5 fever momentarily taking over my senses (and my money) I quickly typed in my credit card details. Card declined! No, check the numbers – it’s okay incorrect digit. Quickly type again. The fever must have momentarily cleared for this time fingers that normally typed with the agility and skill of raw sausages made quick and nimble darts across the keys. This time – they were correct. My digits had done their job and now here I sit with a PS5.

It was even delivered three days early!

It’s not even that big.

9 thoughts on “The PS5 fever

  1. Exactly the same thing happened to me. I just happened to have a look on the GAME website and there it was. Quickly picked one bundle, took ages to load each page and get to the final screen ect, but it went though ok. Even got it a couple of days early as well. Still can’t believe my luck!

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      1. I know, still can’t believe I managed to get one after so long trying. Yes, been really enjoying the PS5, mine came with Demon’s Souls. Its a tough game but looks amazing. Juts got Assassins Creed Valhalla, that’s really good as well. Thought the PS5 was very easy to set up and to transfer stuff over from PS4 as well.


      2. Same here. Think I probably got the same bundle as you 🙂 You’re right about the set up it was much, much easier than I thought it would be. Have you tried Miles Morales? It looks great on the PS5

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      3. Yeah, it sounds like it. I just went for the first bundle near the top that I saw an was lucky I guess. I have transferred Spider-Man Miles Morales over to PS5 and had a quick go. Wow, the game looks even more amazing doesn’t it? I still can’t make up my mind whether to have my PS5 vertical or horizontal. I’ve gone horizontal for now as it just feels safer, I thought the vertical position felt a bit unsteady because of the how heavy the console is. What did you opt for?

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      4. Spider-Man does look incredible. I didn’t think I would even notice the difference between the PS4 and PS5 versions but the world just feels more alive and the ray-tracing and shadows on the buildings look fantastic. Same as you horizontal all the way, much safer. If you get a chance have a go at Control I bounced of it on the PS4 but the PS5 version not only looks better but plays a lot better as well

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      5. Yeah, I think the horizontal position for PS5 is way better, and a lot more stable. Don’t want to risk it falling over because how heavy the console is. Spider-Man looks so good on PS5 as well, its made a great game even better. I did play Control on PS4 a while back, really enjoyed it. Never played any of the DLC though, so think I’ll have to go and try that now. Been enjoying Assassins Creed Valhalla, so much to do in the game world, and it looks stunning as well. I hear Final Fantasy VII Remake is going to be available on PS Plus in March, never played a FF game before so might get that as well.

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      6. I think we have the same to play list :), I have Assassins Creed Valhalla PS5 version downloading now. I t looked great on the PS4, really looking forward to it on the PS5. Final Fantasy is available sometime this afternoon I think. Will have to check it out. Never played a Final Fantasy game before

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      7. LOL, yes it does! I’ve been really enjoying Assassins Creed Valhalla, I think its like an even better version of Black Flag, only this time with Vikings. Epic in scope and scale, and it looks amazing on PS5, you’ll have fun with it I’m sure. I’m going to get Finally Fantasy as well when its available on PS Plus this month, never played any of the game in that franchise either.

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