Until You Fall and the broken finger

When done right a good VR game is a wonderful medium for helping you utterly forgetting your troubles. A good VR game can transport you from your here and now to new worlds. Worlds coming to live as never before. Simply put a good VR game can be transformative, immersive, and alive. The sense of just ”being there” in a good VR game is simply staggering. Your current surroundings forgotten as the drama now playing out in front of your eyes becomes your reality, an emersion so all conquering that your mind is tricked, tricked into believing what ever is front of you is in front of you. The shots being fired, are being fired at you, the monster stalking through the rooms of the abandoned house that up until now you have been quietly exploring is hunting and you are it’s prey, it has you in it’s sights and the sword fight you are currently in – really is a sword fight. You have just blocked a strike from your enemy and now you, about to be the saviour of the realm, must strike the killing blow. Saving your people from lives full of slavery and pain

The only thing is. It’s not real. As my hand flew through the air, grip tight on my sword. I didn’t make the killing blow – didn’t save the world from a deadly foe. No the only thing my virtual sword connected with was my bookcase. I hit it. Full force. For a second I didn’t know what had happened, what had gone wrong? My mind was confused. Why was my enemy still standing, still breathing, still looking at me? Then reality kicked it. The pain shot into my hand, straight into my finger and immediately started to throb. It tore my headset of, stared in disbelief as my ring finger started to throb, swell and as I started to bend it- to check the damage I let out a little yelp. The pain ,was agony. Now as I type this, with one finger

I realised something

That’s the secret to what makes a good VR game the sense of ”being there” and that’s exactly what Until You Fall, the current release from Schell Games gives to us, budding saviours of the realm that we are. With it’s realistic sword fighting, magical combat. It’s strange neon lit world where enemies wait for us with their swords drawn in a neon hellscape that they have made their own. We must fight our way to freedom. You will start with nothing. You will die but every run you will improve. Your weapons will get better, your spells will grow with you and as you battle this seemingly never ending stream of neon monsters you will always have a smile on your face.

Just remember to clear your play space. I don’t want you to break your finger too 🙂