#MaybeinMarch: Star Wars Battlefront 2

Thanks to an excellent prompt by the wonderful bloggers at Later Levels – XP comes with age and #LoveYourBacklog 2021: My Stuff! – Visceral Video Game Gabbing (aceasunder.com) a prompt that wanted you too finally, finally complete the oldest game in your gaming collection. I finally took the chance to play the, (quite good) Star Wars: Battlefront 2.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 isn’t the oldest game in the world having released in 2017 but it was the oldest game in my collection. A fact that was new to me. I thought I had much, much older games hanging around but somehow they have all been completed recently or were just too bad/hard to play through to the end. Somehow, I even managed to complete everything in my Steam Library! so Star Wars it had to be. Plus I gave myself a bonus backlog point for having this game still sitting on the shelf and still in it’s plastic wrapping. What a waste of money 🙂

I like to think of this as somewhat of a stand against the gaming practices of the time. At the time of this games release it was common practice for games to release for full price ands then be stocked full of micro transactions. Micro transactions that directly helped you win the game. Completely giving players a pay-to-win mentality. A practice that I don’t enjoy. I had also heard that the single player campaign wasn’t all that good and so at the time I decided to give it a miss. Until now

Playing the game in 2021 the games a different beast. The dreaded micro-transactions have vanished, I am happy to announce and so we players are free to entertain ourselves in any way we see fit whether it be in large all out large scale wars of up to 40 players or smaller scale matches between just a few players or if you fancy playing as one of the heros or villains of the franchise you can either in specially made hero’s vs Villains matches or in the sky for the game lets you take to the universes sky’s as well this time letting you pilot all of the universes greatest ships from the X-Wing to the Millenium Falcon there all here and mainly available from the start and that’s what makes the multiplayer compotent of this title so fun to play. Nothing is hidden behind a paywall now. It lets you play with all of it’s toys from the start. Yes some of the heros and Villians may only be available in the main multiplayer compartment after a few kills and a few points are added to your score but, it’s nothing like what it was before. Now you don’t need to pay to win, you don’t need to get the credit card out have a good time. The only thing stopping you from winning is your skill and of course the squad level of your team. Remember” a good squad sticks together”

If only the single player section was as good as the multiplayer part. It simply isn’t. It’s not as if the title doesn’t try. In fact so much has been put into the presentation that I almost feel sorry for EA and DICE. the game sounds as you would want a Star Wars game to sound the sound effects are perfect, everything sounds as if you are in the Star Wars universe the blaster bolts have the same sound as in the movies and the lightsabre’s fizz and hiss perfectly through the air – a simple childhood fantasy made real. It’s just a shame that the game suffers from a very generic story and the characters are mostly from the uncanny valley school of videogame characters. Although I would like to say that Iden Versio the main protagonist voiced and modelled on Janina Gavankar looks incredible. Still for as good/slightly scary looking as the title is and even with perfect sound effects the game is still missing something and I think it’s missing a core. It is all very mechanical, all very much by the numbers. It’s a game that takes no risks, no chances. Its as if the developers made a decision to make sure it ticked all the Star Wars references. With every box ticked they forgot to breath life into their creation. It’s a Frankenstein’s monster without that one important ingredient. They forgot to give it life, that one spark of electricity, the electricity of life is missing