Mass Effect Soundtrack can you love a soundtrack, if you haven’t played the game?

In celebration of the upcoming Mass Effect trilogy release. The Mass Effect team have just released, the full original soundtrack to YouTube and what a thing of beauty it is. Containing all of our favourite tracks including: The Mass Effect theme, Breeding Ground and my personal favourite the Suicide mission. It’s a playlist full of emotion, heartbreak and the odd, occasional tear.

My only problem with it is that. I have never played a Mass Effect game. I know weird right? I should probably just hang my gamer head in shame and retire all my controllers, but hear me out before you disown me: Everybody has that one series that just passed them by, maybe it’s that classic book you haven’t got round to, that TV series that all your friends are raving about and yet somehow you haven’t seen it. It’s the same with games as well. Everybody has that one game, maybe even that one series of games that for what ever reason we haven’t tried…yet. Of course I have excuses…many, many excuses. I didn’t have an XBox or PC at the time of the original’s release and when I did get an X Box, I was put of by those elevator loading screens…remember those? I watched over a shoulder as one of my friends played through the original and they couldn’t go five seconds without jumping in a lift and leaving it to load. It might have been just to annoy me put that put me off for a long time and by the time the second game came around, I didn’t feel the same love for the series as others did, plus I couldn’t get my head round the conversation system. I was new to RPG’s. I am sorry.

Yet all of this doesn’t tell me why I feel such emotion, such sadness, and eventually such hope, as I listen through the score. Sure, it is beautifully put together but I don’t have the narrative as to why these pieces hit so hard. I don’t know who loves whom, don’t know who hurt who, even who slept with how. I have no background, no knowledge.

Guess, I just like it because they are great pieces of music and will just have to wait until the game is released to find out why everybody loves the series so much.

Mass Effect Medley – Orchestral – YouTube

Mass Effect Trilogy – Original Soundtrack – YouTube