Watch out boy she’ll chew you up. She’s a MANEATER

Watch out boys she’ll chew you up. She’ a Maneater

I don’t think that Maneater the ” classic” Hall and Oates song from the 1980’s is the inspiration behind this video game but, it’s what I hum every time I glide through the ocean looking for my next set of victims. I can’t help myself. I should, as most players probably do have the Jaws soundtrack playing on a loop but, I find the opening bars of Hall and Oates song, sits better with the game, John Williams calling card from the Jaws movie is too heavy for what this game is all about.

Quite simply your job in Man Eater is a simple one. Your job is too chomp, you could be chomping to evolve, chomping to collect one of the games many collectibles or simply chomping to avoid being chomped yourself. You will eat and you will do a lot of it. Until you become the Man Eater. The games biggest Apex predator.

The story is a simple tale, it all begins with your little sharks very traumatic birth. Your mother is caught by a shark hunter called Scaly Pete (the games protagonist) who simply cuts you clean out of your mothers womb, laughing as he does so. Realising the peril our little shark is in she lashes out onto the nearest thing she can find, which just so happens to be one of Scaly Pete’s arms, in his panic to release little baby you from his arm, he panics, trys to throw you off but by doing so only throws you off his boat, the force of this, throws you of but, you don’t go alone, you take his arm with you. As you fall into the swamp below you, you are faced with a choice eat or be eaten.

Evolve or die. Now you have a choice, you could, if you want to stay tiny, simply swim around the little swamp, hiding from predators and only eating small fish. However the game doesn’t want you to this, it want’s you to grow to eat, to reach your potential and so the game turns from what I thought might be a game about the dangers of over fishing into a little RPG

An RPG light. to try an add some variety into a game all about eating ot being eaten. A little RPG has been sprinkled into our little Shark game. the game is littered with things to collect, with certain fish to eat and certain Apex predators to kill. Each area from Swamp to Sea has a different Apex predator ranging from Alligator to Whale with each only appearing in an area, once you have got past a certain section in the story. Added to this is the human element. If the player destroys enough property or eats another swimmers, a bounty raning from 1-10 will appear, all dependent on your threat level with level one bountys really simple to level 10 bounty hunters who seem to come equipped with a whole lot of friends and all electrified ships all ready to deal as much damage as possible to our Shark. Coupled with a revenge story with Scaly Pete that gets ever more stupid as the game progresses. These bounties and Apex predators would on most other games prose a serious problem but in MANEATER nothing is a problem as long as you follow the old RPG path of being over stocked for every fight. Just in the case of Man Eater you woun’t be stock full of health potions and food and a level even 30 or so above yours is no problem because, you are given such wonderfully silly evolutions. Evolutions that even a shark probably would say looked a bit silly. For example if you complete various quest lines, you are given electric teeth, an electric head or even the ability to go invisible or maybe you want to turn your whole body into bone? No problem, now your are almost indestructible.

A good 7 out 10.

Man Eater is one of those really good 7 out of 10 tens. a game that in days gone by you could rent for the weekend and could see everything there was to see in it. It’s very pretty to look at, the fish look very natural swimming through their environments and the way they dive out of the shark is very true to live, the environments are lovely. From swamp to Ocean. It just doesn’t have much depth. Still we don’t always want to play something deep and meaningful. Sometimes we just to play something trashy, something silly and sometimes we want to be a shark and dive through the water. Eating (almost) everything there is too eat.

P.S I couldn’t eat the sharks or turtles. They look too good.

P.P.S It is a very easy platinum coming in at 12 hours. No need for a guide

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