The gaming fog

Do you ever just finish a game, say Concrete Genie as I have just done and then just come up with nothing to play next? Your mind suddenly a fog? It’s as if your gaming list, a list, a list so stocked full of interesting titles to play, worlds to be saved, puzzles to be solved and even games of football to be won, that you smile every time you read the names of the games. you even smile when you think about the list, you can’t help it. Gaming is an incredible hobby one that let’s us play out lives we could never live, a way to bring fantasies to life. Bringing people together in a way that very few other mediums could. Gaming is great. Yet somehow that gaming list. That list of wonders yet to come, is now nothing more than a boring sheet of paper a boring sheet of paper that has had all the joy sucked out of it. Games you were excited to play only a few days ago are now nothing more than words on a page. All the excitement, the enthusiasm suddenly sucked out of them.

Welcome to the gaming fog

Why does this happen, is it just me?

Normally I sit tight and let this gaming fog clear on it’s own. It’s something that has happened to me before and I am sure it will pass on it’s own. Sometimes it lasts a few days and sometimes a few months.

This time I don’t want to just ride it out, I want to try and understand why it happens. These are my main reasons

1 So many games.

You can have too much of a good thing. Games, there are many. It’s great, every day we wake up, we talk about games, we think about games. we might, if we are lucky get to play some games. Brilliant. It’s just every so often, could we just have a little lull, a little slowdown of the endless churn of non stop releases? We used to have this, I think, it was what Summers were invented for. But, now with gaming becoming the largest entertainment media in the world, there is no Summer. Someone, somewhere is always in Winter and they want a new game to play and they want to play it now. That’s not before you add in the subscription services, if you subscribe to even one of these, you already have hundreds of games, that you just can’t get too.

Length of games

Is it me or our games just getting longer and longer? of course I want a game I am trying to stick around longer and I know some of this is because some games have grown up, got smarter and with that intelligence comes a need to tell greater stories to weave whole worlds, whole lives and even whole star systems and I understand that to do that these games have to be of a certain length but others are simply padded out with hours and hours of simple durative quests that add nothing to the player experience and next to nothing to the game world. Of course I also understand the value proposition, if people are paying a large sum of money for something then, they will expect it to last, as long as it has to for you to feel that you got your value from it. It’s a hard question to answer no two people will value that 40 pound or what ever the cost is equally.

Stories with heart

This is a personal one for me and one that is probably the reason I am typing this out. I tend to play games with stories, stories that I tend to get caught up in. The last three games played were Days Gone, Man Eater and Concrete Genie. Two of them ( Days Gone and Concrete Genie, if you were wondering 🙂 have really big, emotional stories at their centre. So maybe that’s why my brain needs a break. It needs a rest after all that ”emotion” or It could just be that having to eat all those, poor defenceless fish in Man Eater has left me a shell of a man, broken and sad for all the lives cut short. I hope they didn’t feel much pain as my giant Shark tore them from the sea and into my belly. I do hate killing animals in games.

Waiting for the next big adventure. The backlog of the future

Kind of counter intuitive this as it goes against my early point of being too many games around. However I think it’s different enough to be included. For if there is something new to play, why are we always looking over the hill, at what’s coming next? I am sure it’s something we all suffer from. It’s that backlog from the future, the list of games that may never see the light of day, the games that are months, even years away from release and yet, for some reason, we find ourselves making a note in our calendars, looking out for them at E3 and scouring the web for any hint of a release date. Wasting our time on things that may never happen.

There are just a few of the reasons why I think I am in a gaming fog.

Have any of you suffered something similar?