Are Sony right in selling exclusives for £70

Like most gamers, I sat, eagerly awaiting the reviews of Sony’s latest PS5 exclusive Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart.

Of course the critics called it brilliant, hailing both the look of the game, running out that well worn phrase ”it looks like a Pixar move” on a fair few occasions but also praising the combat, controls, story and of course the strange arsenal of ever evolving but utterly insensible weapons.

So of course, carried on a wave of pure gaming hype I flicked over to an online retailer to try and get the game for the day of release only to discover to my horror that the game is retailing all over Europe and the US for 70.

Are Sony right in charging 70 for their exclusives?
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That’s crazy money. Crazy. Of course we gamers are a savvy bunch and usually scoff at the recommended retail price. We know we can get it somewhere cheaper. You may get it a day later but you will save money. Only this time I couldn’t. I tried all the usual websites Game Collection, ShopTo and a few others and all showed the price as the same, that big fat 70 dangling in the air. It’s too much, isn’t it?

I know Sony can charge what ever they want for what they sell. That’s fine. I just feel a 20 bump over the previous generation is incredibly large and I know that development costs for the PS5 and XBox must have gone up but could they have gone up by that much?

Still as I sit here busily scouring the internet for a small reduction I look forward to reading your encounters with the game.

I hope it’s great