Did Game Pass win E3?

Is the subscription service really the future of gaming?

With E3 underway the current talk of the internet is who won? Why anyone one company could ”win” is beyond me. I don’t understand who could possibly win a show that’s all about hype, all about the games we will only be able to play in a few years time, if we are lucky.

But, I guess if you are Microsoft you are pretty happy with how your show went. Following years of using Microsoft’s vast resources in a succession of studio acquisitions and facing ever louder questions about where the big new first party games are coming from Microsoft looks like it may be ready to turn a corner suddenly a console that has for the most part looked a little thin on first party releases is going to receive a tidal wave of content. Flooding the market with a series of looking games from their famous studios. What makes these announcements even more special, is that a great number, I think 27 of the 30 announced and that is 5 from Microsoft directly and the rest from companies that Microsoft has helped will be appearing on Game Pass and that’s really interesting. It looks as if Microsoft no longer want to try and compete with Sony and Nintendo in the actual selling of consoles ( although I am sure they will want too). The real plan from the house of X Box is to get subscriptions, to get people paying every month to access there games. Guarantee a loyal fan base who are happy to pay every month for whatever can be delivered.

It’s a great plan and a great move for the gaming communities in general. Game Pass is available in a lot of countries, you can use it with your Xbox, PC or even phone and it always seem to work well.

Lets just hope that the public in general are better than me when it comes to actually playing a game they pick. I tend to spend all my time choosing what to download and then not playing it, as I always on the lookout for what’s new.