Will Flight Microsoft Flight Simulator be playable on X Box One?

After watching the XBox/ Bethesda conference the other night I realised that only one game truly caught my imageanion and that game wasn’t Forza Horizon 5 – although it does look incredible. No the only one that really grabbed me by the wings is the fantastic looking Microsoft Flight Simulator. I mean just look at the trailer below. It looks amazing

Microsoft Flight Simulator – United Kingdom & Ireland World Update – YouTube

You can just see my house

I was so exited. I eagerly looked forward to crashing a whole range of planes into a variety of international destinations. Maybe I would crash a plane into London Bridge, a balloon into a pyramid or a bi-plane into Montreal. Broadly speaking I don’t know much about Flight Simulator in general, I am not even sure if you can crash? I was however looking forward to playing it on my X Box One, ready to marvel in the whole world as I badly flew through it. Then I read the specs. It wasn’t compatible with the X Box One. Only PC and the X Box Series I was gutted. Would I somehow have to get a new series X machine, just to play one game? No this was madness. I would have to forget about the game move onto something else. Until I read about

X Box Cloud Gaming

For those that don’t know X Box Cloud gaming is magic – it’s that simple. It’s a way that Microsoft could use the vast power of its data centres to bring the power of the X Box Series X to us the humble owners of the X Box One. I know it sounds crazy and I am not even going to try and explain how this works all I really understand is that Microsoft is in the process of upgrading its data centres with Series X hardware and this will enable improved visual fidelity, reduce load times and allow users to play X Box X quality games. This all works in the same way that games are streamed via your phone using the App so, hopefully it will be a great time.

Are you looking forward to your time in the sky?