More PSVR games worth your time( not just because I forgot my favourite)


after recently having a great time playing a load of PSVR games for my recent blog feature: PSVR games worth your time. I discovered to my horror that the list is incomplete. So incomplete that I managed to forget my favourite VR game a game where time only moves when you do…yes dear reader, I am talking about: SUPERHOT so without further ado let me address that error and lead into another five PSVR games that I think are worth your time. If I have missed any (I probably have) please add them into the comments below or feel free to berate me on Twitter


Time only moves when you do

In my opinion this is one of the best VR games ever made, heck the flat version is one of the best non-VR games ever made. Both versions are simply brilliant. Are they puzzle games or FPS’s? Who knows, who really cares, when the games are this good. The rules are simple: time only moves when you do, stand still and the game stops, your opponents are frozen in time, this gives you an opportunity for you to survey the scene, a few seconds to try and find your way out of the puzzle, to try not to die. Because as soon as you are hit, it’s game over back to the beginning of the level. My only negative of the PSVR version is the need for Move controllers, if you don’t already have this, please check on the price as they can be very expensive. If you already have the Move’s, you have no excuse not to get the game 🙂


Not the one that has the FBI watching your every move….I hope

Another game that I somehow, inexplicably left of my original list Polybius is a lot, in fact despite finishing the game, I am still not quite sure is going on – it’s a lot. All I know is that the game is amazing, a dizzying assortment are thrown towards you as seek to either collect the objects flying towards you at an ever increasing level of speed and an eye-splitting level of colour. It’s a game that rewards trial and error. You will die a lot, you won’t care as another go is another chance to better the game to go faster to see more colours, more dizzying displays . It’s a game that is also fully playable in non-VR but somehow looses the magic of what makes the game great if you play it this way. Also as it can get quite fast I not recommend this is you are new to VR

Batman: Arkham VR

I’m Batman. No wait, your Batman? How about we all be BATMAN. This is a game that should be shipped with all PSVR consoles created by the minds behind Batman: Asylum rocksteady studios. This is a very early game made in VR’s earliest stages and does in some ways feel more like an experience than an actual game, I still urge you to play it. It has interesting uses for how you interact with the world, lets you play the piano and fling batarang’s to your hearts content, contains a decent number of trophies (although no Platinum) and contains a story that would sit happily in the games or extended universe. It’s well worth a play the only downsides being the need for Move controllers and that you don’t get to fight anyone or drive the Batmobile. We can’t have everything.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Quick disclaimer – I haven’t actually completed Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. It’s too scary for me. I have however played the opening through levels ( some with my eyes closed) and what starts out as shooting gallery with you riding a rollercoaster, quickly (too quickly) turns into a horror fest filled with clowns and Zombie babies, all things that make a shiver run down my spine. I have been told that this spin off to the choose your own adventure Until Dawn is a great game. Another that started it’s life at the beginning of the PSVR adventure it’s a shooting gallery where you travel through a rogues gallery of the Until Dawn world filled with horrors, explosions and helpfully some very handy gun upgrades. So, if you are not like me and can happily sleep through the night after seeing a plethora of demons trying to tear of your face. I am told that you could do a lot worse than strapping your self into a roller coaster, and letting your guns guide your way into the horrible, monster filled night. Again Move controllers are a must

Racket Fury

Ping Pong

It may be strange to jump from horror to table tennis but, it’s my list and I want to sleep tonight – so there we go. It also helps that Racket Fury is an excellent Table Tennis game featuring some decent bat handling and excellent ball physics. This is a sports game that will make you feel like you are actually playing table tennis. Hey, the tables maybe slightly smaller but with decent AI and a nice and friendly online community this is a fun way to get sweaty in your headset. Again Move controllers are a must.

I am sure I have missed many, many excellent PSVR games please add your selections in the comments below