Remaking Halo without getting sued

If you have ever asked yourself the question ”if I make my own version of Halo will Microsoft sue me”? The answer will be no, as long as you add Portals. For that in a nutshell, is what Halo Splitgate is. It plays like Halo, it’s Red Vs Blue, the game looks like Halo, the characters move, very closely to how the characters move in Halo and, heck you can even ”tea-bag” a downed enemy just like you do in Halo. The developers 1047 games must have had some very interesting discussions with their lawyers just to make sure that the big M couldn’t sue them.

One of those Portals

Is it any good?

Yes. Simply put and from someone who doesn’t normally go in for these sort of games – (mainly due to a lack of skill not inclination) the game is a lot of fun, and surprisingly considering my acute lack of skill and a heavy dose of luck I have only once finished a match with more deaths than kills. Okay so maybe that’s more down to luck and the nice variety of game modes than a new found skill but it does go show that this game is trying to cover as many bases as possible to grab the attention of every single player, not just the hardcore shooter crowd, and surprisingly as this is a Free 2 Play title it gives the player, more than an everybody vs everybody mode. From the start the player is given modes including: Everybody vs everybody (skip),team deathmatch, King of the Hill, Domination, VIP, team oddball, team shooty snipers and the classic Gun Game. There are even more if you reach the mystical XP level of…10 – not something I will ever do. Or you could even play ranked mode – good luck with that. There is a lot there to mess around with, all in a game that plays like Halo but, it just different enough to Halo to be its own thing. That’s before we get to those Portals.

Probably just about to get shot in the back

Portals Make Things Interesting

If using a PS4 or PS5 controller shoot L2 to mark a portal at one point and R2 at another this will let you transport from your first point to your second in the blink of an eye. Portals are good at getting you put of a bad situation you can be getting shot at, one second on the brink of death and the next as you jump through your portal way across the map, giving yourself a chance at life. A chance for your health bar to re-grow. So you can start again. Back for the fight. Of course portals work in two ways, you may not be able to jump through an enemies portal and you should throw a grenade at any you see, they can shoot you through them. So now the Portal adds an extra dimension to the gameplay not only are you having to watch your back as well as you front in the traditional shooter sense, you have to watch out for enemies appearing from nowhere. Portals appearing from everywhere and anywhere. If you and your team manage to corner your enemy be careful they don’t manage to open up a new Portal right behind your team, all it takes is a bit of luck to turn the tide of battle from an easy victory to a devastating loss.

One of the Splitgate Maps

8 Minute Rounds

Yes! 8 minutes that is as long as a Splitgate round lasts no over-long battles here as soon as the timer hits 0 that’s it all over. The team with the most points wins and the team with the less looses. If the numbers are the same it’s a draw that’s it.

Free to Play but Microtransactions are there

As with all Free 2 Play games, Splitgate does want your money. So there are the traditional Battle Passes to buy containing the traditional ” skins” for your character to wear, yes you can pay real money for your little person to wear anything from an eye patch to a shiny suit, I don’t know why you want to as you can’t see you avatar in game but, a lot of people still seem to be buying anything the game can throw at them. Everything from guns to Xp is available for a price and maybe available just a little bit too easily.

Some are free, some you have to pay for


I am having a good time with the game, and can’t believe Microsoft let them release it. So if your a Sony player looking for a great multiplayer fix or an Xbox player looking for a new Halo fix this could be the game your looking for. In a title that is F2P but, would very much like you to spend some I have found that without spending any money I have been able to hold my own and not feel like I should be spending just to keep up with the player bases new and ever improving skill set. Will that continue? Only time will tell. I hope it doesn’t