Thor’s look in God of War 2

It’s a look

It’s Something Different

Let’s just say its something of a departure from God of War 2018 where Thor was the Norse God we imagine. All brooding and blonde, muscled and ready for a fight. The Thunder God in the new God of War trailer is , not looking his best. I mean hopefully he’s living his best life and as long as he’s happy then, who I am to complain but in the initial screen shots it looks like he could lay of the mead.

The above is what we will call Thor 1.0 he looks angry, almost as angry as Kratos at the start of the game, and I really wouldn’t mess with him.

In the new trailer this is out first look at the new Thor. Lets call him The Thor 2.0

I Asked myself, why would Santa Monica Studio do this?

Would you change a well worn look, a look for Thor that comes so easily to the mind.

Take a second, imagine describing Thor to someone who knows nothing about Norse mythology the same image will come to their mind almost every time as his description is burned into our minds the description literally falls from your mouth. Thor is Scandinavian (blonde and tall) he likes to fight (muscles) he’s a Viking (long blonde hair, possible tattoos) oh and he’s a God that can control Thunder and likes to hit people with his hammer. Easy. There is your Thor.

Maybe That’s why his look was changed?

Maybe That’s why his look was changed?

Was it too easy, did Santa Monica want to make him ”their” Thor

Was it Marvel?

Did Marvel demand a change, were Santa Monica and Sony worried about a backlash from the house of Mouse? Maybe we will never know.

What’s more likely is the timeline.

In Norse mythology time is a circle, an almost ever lasting circle. What has happened before, will happen again. Only Odin the All-father, the King of the Gods knows this and to get this information he had to sacrifice his eye and now he spends a lot of this time desperately trying to work out how to change the loop, stop the pattern for repeating for at the end of that loop, is Ragnarok the end times for the Gods and the beginning of the time of man. The Gods will vanish awaiting their time in the circle to come back around. So I think that God of War 2 might be set just before Ragnarok. Odin is away searching the unknowable the answer to Ragnarok. Thor is now in charge, with the Giants now all but extinct he’s relaxing, doesn’t know what to do with him self, his wars won and that’s why he’s sporting his current look. He’s been away too long. Years have past and now he has to go back to what he loves, to fight to win. Only this time he has to fight Kratos.