FITXR: is it a good workout?

and is it worth it?

In the begining there was BoxVR a non-contact boxing workout game for VR headsets. More rythm game than fighting. The games goal was to have you hit blue or purple bulbs as they hurtle towards, some would need to be hit with an uppercut motion, some, with a jab and some with a cross. With points awarded for hitting the target in time with the music. It was good and even more surprisingly it (sort of) worked – it won’t replace going to the gym. but it will make you sweat – a great place to start. I have it on the PSVR and its still a great time, although completely hampered by the need to be tethered to your console and the threat of punching your TV is an ever-present danger but, with a little careful planning you could slip your headset on and have a good time punching the little blue and purple splodges as they hurtle towards you.

Soon I got Bored

As is life, within a few months I grew bored of playing through the same tracks, that although, mostly good I had played to death. Quickly running through the easier levels, before moving onto the intermediate levels and plateauing out on some of the harder ones. I looked for DLC, checked the developer’s website and although promised – it never arrived.

It’s about to get sweaty

Then I heard about the rebrand. BOX VR was no more. It was changing evolving, becoming something new and that something was FIT XR. A new release, promising better, workouts instead of just a boxing workout the new game would add a Dance workout and even a HIIT workout to. I waited for the PSVR release to be announced, and waited. Finally deciding that it wasn’t going to come to PSVR, I took the jump and decided to play it on the Quest headset instead, right in time for the game to turn into a subscription service! Another one. So this isn’t a review about Fit XR as a game anymore. This is a review about a fitness subscription service.

How much does FIT XR cost?

In the UK at least the cost is 7.99 a month. Not bad, not great but there isn’t a contract you can dip in and out as you want and there is a free 7 day trial.

What do you get for your money?

You get quite a lot, you get Boxing, HIIT and Dance workouts all included in the price as well as the all important multiplayer mode. I mean who doesn’t want to see their friends consistently missing the targets ,you are hitting without breaking a sweat. There is also an in game leader board available in single or multiplayer mode, just so you friend’s know your not that good either. Also and probably more importantly the gaming modes are updated almost everyday, still contain easy or hard modes and can be selected by either trainer or length. Only got ten minutes – no problem! Slip that headset on and get. Got an hour? Go fot it – you better bring a towel.

You can dance, and no one can see you. Wait that’s the other way round. You can’t see anyone

What can you play FITXR on?

Sadly FITXR is not available on every VR headset. You can’t get it for instance on the PSVR but, you can still get BOXVR. You can get it on Steam headsets and the Oculus Quest. I recommend the Quest if you have it. The ability to play with out wires is great. It really changes the experience from a game into a workout session. You will sweat more, move more and get a much better workout free of wires than you will tethered. It just feels more real.

Is It Worth The Price?

Yes and no. FITXR is a great time. With new tracks and workouts being added all the time, it should take you a long time to get bored of the options available. It’s also hard to find a good excuse not to put the headset and have a little workout. You don’t have to go anywhere to get a little fitter. The no would have to be that there isn’t a real way to find out how many calories you have burnt, you will sweat yes but you would anyway just by putting the headset on and moving your head a lot – it’s hot in that headset. It’s also another subscription 7.99 a month is quite a lot over a year. You have to make sure you use it all of the time. I would say it’s more of a beginners workout or for some like me, someone who is reasonably fit, it’s a fun time. A nice place to meet you friends have a chat and laugh or cry as not one of you can ever get near the top of the leader board.