Why I’m waiting until November to play Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Not going to lie. It’s going to be tough. I might not manage it. Probably not going to make it but I want to wait until November to get my hands on Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Here’s five reasons why I am trying to convince myself that it’s a good idea.

  • It might be full of bugs. Sometimes a little bit of patience is a good thing, and this is especially true when it comes to video games (here’s looking at your Cyber Punk 2077) .Video game developers the world over are renowned for releasing half-baked products just to stop try and sedate the crazed fanboys of the internet or even worse: to try an appease their shareholders. I am sure it won’t happen to Kena. Especially as it has already been held back a full times already but, you never now.
  • .That sweet physical release. Digital downloads are all well and good but nothing and I mean nothing can compare to holding that physical box in your hand. Picking the case up in your local game store (no cheating and getting it delivered) and turning ot over a few times in your hand, not for any reason, just to feel the physicality, to feel how light the box is before the precious disk is added to the box. Then running home. Ignoring any protests of anyone else you came with. All thoughts of others banished. As you rush home to play THE game.
It does look so pretty though.
  • 3 To protest at digital game prices. Digital games are too expensive. There you go. Just said what we have all been thinking. Digital games are way to much money. Why are they more expensive than a physical release? I don’t understand. I may prefer a physical release but for those of you out there that prefer the ease of the digital download, I am making a stand.
  • 4 It is my wife’s birthday in November. This one is very personal but, it’s my wife’s birthday in November and if I somehow show her enough footage, tell her how cute and cuddly I find all the protaganists she may as some sort of osmosis start to belive me. She may even start to believe me. May even want the game. If only she was a gamer.
  • 5 Could sell it. It seems cruel to be talking about the end of my time with a game before I have even played it but there you go. It is the tough reality of living with someone who isn’t a gamer. They don’t see your ever growing collection of consoles and games as living artwork or an investment for the future. No, all they see is piles and piles of plastic crap. Plastic crap they occasionally sell on Ebay

There you five reasons for why I should and might even make it to November before buying Kena: Bridge of Spirits.


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      1. We really are , especially if there’s no actual physical game , so that means sometimes if the studio goes under so your game becomes unplayable. This happened to a few digital only games available on nintendo ds and 3ds .

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