Four of the best non-scary games for Halloween and one that is very scary

For most people Halloween is a time for fun, friends and family maybe a little to much trick or treating. All of it coupled with far too many sweets. for me a verified scared – cat it’s a time for hiding, avoiding all talk of scary movies and trying to ignore as much of the festivities as i can. I am that kind of person that on the 31st of October turns the lights off and goes to bed really early, not as I dislike giving out sweets from the door. It’s just the kids outfits seem to have got so much scarier nowdays. I don’t know if their now putting a lot more effort into their art but, the kids where I live seem to have moved on from shop bought Halloween costumes and have graduated onto home made works of art. Although I can appreciate the skill needed to crate a terrifyingly life like Freddy Kruger mask, I don’t want to see it on my doorstep. Of course I can’t avoid everything about Halloween, so in an effort to keep up with the rest of the world. These are my four of my favourite games for us of the easily scared variety and one that I was TRICKED into playing and couldn’t sleep after.

1 Luigi’s Mansion 3

The Luigi’s Mansion series are loved by some hated by others. The stories are silly, the gameplay interesting and never overlay taxing and overall their just fun and that’s why I like them. You know what you’re getting with the series. No matter your skill level, Luigi’s Mansion 3 the latest addition in the series is a fun time for causal gamers to the more hardcore. Its also the perfect spooky game for those of us that would prefer to hide behind the pillow than see our avatar get chopped in half. No gore please thank you very much.

2. Ghostbusters the Video Game

If your scared of ghosts and ghouls, maybe it’s a good idea to catch them? I don’t know if I could do it in real life but it’s a lot of fun in video game. Ghostbusters originally released in 2009 isn’t a bad game. Its even a good game if you compare it to many of the other movie to game cash ins. It features the voices of the original cast and the script was written with input from Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. There is a huge amount of love gone into the game with a massive attention to detail. Just know that you play as a junior ”buster”’ and where you might have wanted to start out as one of the original stars of the cast, playing as the junior member of the team does have it’s advantages in the opening to the game as the player gets to learn along with the new guy where if you played as one of the original cast it would have been silly to have to learn the basics. Simply put the game is fun, silly and perfect for playing under the covers.

3 Medievil

Look out for the remake.

Some games should never be remade, Stay consigned to the history books ,locked in their bubble for all eternity. Lost for ever. Others are begging to be re-animated to be bought back to life for a new audience to enjoy ,for a new chance at life. Medievil is in the latter category. Originally released on the original PlayStation along time ago it never really got the audience it deserved and drifted away to be remembered by some as a cult classic. Somehow Sony decided to take a chance and bring the game back, reinventing it with new PS4 technology and showing that an old dog really can learn new tricks. Just don’t ask me whey they didn’t fix the issues with the camera though. The camera was horrible in the PS1 era and its just as horrible now

4 Arkham Asylum

We could have chosen any of the Batman games in the series for this list but, my personal favourite is Arkham Asylum. It’s the game that most represents Batman to me. There is nothing like skulking through the darkness in the Asylum terrifying your ”prey” from the rooftops above. Waiting for the perfect moment to strike It’s also much shorter than the other games in the series meaning that, if you really wanted to you could get through it over the Halloween weekend.

And now for the one scary game on the list


Five Nights at Freddys


I don’t know why I ever chose to play Five Nights at Freddy’s or FNAF for short. It. Is. Utterly. Terrifying. I haven’t completed it, I won’t complete it. I didn’t sleep for a week after playing it and even the photo above sends my spine all a tingerling. But, if you don’t want to sleep either and aren’t utterly terrified of anthropomorphic animals that most definitely go bump in the night. Pick it up and have a play. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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  1. This was a fun read. One non-scary game that I would recommend for this Halloween season is Zombies Ate My Neighbors. I used to love this game on the Super Nintendo and you were able to play co-op with another player. As of this year, you can now play it on PC, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

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