Five Video games for a terrifying Halloween

Hello dear reader, welcome to our current pick of the five most terryfying video games we could find.

*Disclaimer we are the very biggest of scaredy cats so nothing truly horrifying to follow.

You will try and save them. Some of the time, they will make it.

I’ll admit it. I can not play this game on my own. I am too scared, Which probably is a good thing as Until Dawn, originally released way back in 2015 is made to played with a crowd, it loves an audience. A choose your own adventure, made by way of an FMV movie. Yes, the character models are all a bit ”uncanny valley” their plastic faces shinning in the moonlight (or blood) but, somehow you will tray and save them. Your friends all shouting out different instructions to you as your character slowly walks from near disaster to the next. It’s a lot fun.

Out last

Nope. No thank you

Don’t ask me why I played this game. I have NO IDEA. Actually that isn’t strictly true, I played it because at one time it was available with PS Plus and I am a sucker for playing most games that become available. My time with Outlast started well, I did a little exploring, had a little walk around, then my torch battery ran out and I panciked, ran around like a headless chicken, lost, confused and soon very dead. My friends say its a great game though and this is why it makes it too this list.

Dead Rising (the series)

Go on admit it, everybody has their favourite in the Dead Rising series. My personal favourite is Dead Rising 3. It was a pleasing match of stupid over the top weaponry coupled with a very, very slim semblance of a story, just enough to keep your character walking forward onto the next mission and the next mission after that and so on. Apparently there is even a Dead Rising movie and even more surprising is that Amazon tell me I have watched it. I can remember absolutely nothing about it.

The Walking Dead

You have to hand it to Clem the serial zombie survivor. Forced to grow up in a world turned turned to absolute crap. Our heroine has had to grow up fast having, lost her parents, been forced (spoiler) to leave her one time friend and saviour figure to turn to a zombie while hand cuffed to a radiator all on his own. I am sorry Lee I couldn’t shoot you. I still think of you chained to that radiator all zombified and stinky. Where we have a Zombie filled night only once a year. Clem’s Halloween is all year round and the Zombies have teeth.

Zombies ate my neighbours. Originally left of my original list and added thanks to the reminding me of it. Zombies ate my neighbours was the height of Mega Drive/Genesis technology. A game so hard, so supposedly unbeatable that to master it was to master life. It;s actually a shame that it was so hard as it hides many brillaint pieces of gaming decision along with many pieces of 90’s fashion now (thankfully) lost to time. I had a pair of those 3-D glasses and they do not work, at all.

Of course it’s been recently rereleased along with the much less succsefull Ghoul Patrol but, I can’t see of any reason to buy them now. Unless you are really, really looking for a gateway into another time. A nostaliga trip of epic proportions. Even looking at the box art makes me think of Blockbuster video on a Friday night and the hope againgst hope that this weekend, finally my parents would let me rent a video game.

So there we have it folks. Our top few video games for Halloween. Please let us know what yours are and of course the ones we have forgotten as we do like talking about games.

12 thoughts on “Five Video games for a terrifying Halloween

  1. Until Down….a bit underrated and not so popular, Ive had a good time playing it. I set an outlast (one of the villains) icon on my work official email…havent been fired yet ๐Ÿ˜‰ Other 3 I did not play, may try it then.

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    1. I thought it was great fun. A great game to play with non gamers, as they can shout instructions at you and watch the game play out like a movie.
      Well don on not getting fired ๐Ÿ™‚ My work would have asked me to change it in about a second

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      1. Cheers! I’ll post the finale to the Siege of Paris later this week, on Friday or Saturday. It’s a surprisingly creepy showdown between Eivor and King Charles, perfect for Halloween time! Hope you enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚

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