Control Ultimate Edition. Everyone needs a second chance

Looks like I have another confession to make.

The first time I played Control was with a PS4 using the PS Now Subscription over wi-fi. I now know, this was a mistake. It was a mistake because the base PS4 simply doesn’t want to run the game. It doesn’t want to the player to enjoy a smooth, glitch free environment. What the PS4 does want when you try to run Control is a broken experience. An experience full of slowdown and crashes. A game where enemies can simply jump in and out of existence at the will of the console. It was horrible. Plus because I am an idiot, I didn’t download it. I simply played it over wi-fi which, made all the bugs, crashes and everything else wrong with the game so much worse.

But, as they say you can never put a good horse down and with the release of Control Ultimate Edition on the PS5 I decided to give the game another go.

I am so glad I did. It’s simply a different experience. Gone are the long loading screens, the enemies don’t simply pop in and out of existence and it looks incredible. I can’t tell you the number of times that I have jumped at seeing my own reflection in one of the office windows. It looks incredible.

Anyway back to the game. The world in Control feels, alive, feels as if it’s a living breathing…thing. The Oldest House, the setting for Control. Feels almost sentient, it’s as if it is simply letting the Bureau use part of the building until the Oldest House gets bored of them and then turfs them out.

The story is interesting, gives it’s self time to breath and lets the player explore as much or as little of the world as they see fit, even them more is hidden in plain site with extra story content revealed through collectibles that must be read or watched to give you a full picture of what is going on. Spoiler You will want to read these collectibles, they reveal a world that is slowly going crazy, slipping through into another dimension, maybe even another time. It’s incredible a sort of Star Trek story from the 60’s transplanted into our time. It’s a world filled with altered items for instance you will come across a fridge that has been possessed and must be fought, a traffic light that wants nothing more than to become it’s higher purpose for everything to become stop, wait or go.

The combat is similarly interesting another spoiler you can are given an incredible option of ways to fight you can shoot with a gun you find early in the game, although no ordinary gun, this gun is only part in our world you will see it change shape depending on what upgrades you have. It can shoot conventional bullets but can also be upgraded to be a shot gun or either a laser, but why stop with a gun? Some of the powers Jess gets through her run also include the ability to pick up and throw anything from rubbish bins to eventually whole enemies, the ability to control enemies to have them turn to your side, to even being able to create a shield made out of the debris you find around you.

This is simply an excellent, if quite wacky game. Well worth a play πŸ™‚

Mass Effect Soundtrack can you love a soundtrack, if you haven’t played the game?

In celebration of the upcoming Mass Effect trilogy release. The Mass Effect team have just released, the full original soundtrack to YouTube and what a thing of beauty it is. Containing all of our favourite tracks including: The Mass Effect theme, Breeding Ground and my personal favourite the Suicide mission. It’s a playlist full of emotion, heartbreak and the odd, occasional tear.

My only problem with it is that. I have never played a Mass Effect game. I know weird right? I should probably just hang my gamer head in shame and retire all my controllers, but hear me out before you disown me: Everybody has that one series that just passed them by, maybe it’s that classic book you haven’t got round to, that TV series that all your friends are raving about and yet somehow you haven’t seen it. It’s the same with games as well. Everybody has that one game, maybe even that one series of games that for what ever reason we haven’t tried…yet. Of course I have excuses…many, many excuses. I didn’t have an XBox or PC at the time of the original’s release and when I did get an X Box, I was put of by those elevator loading screens…remember those? I watched over a shoulder as one of my friends played through the original and they couldn’t go five seconds without jumping in a lift and leaving it to load. It might have been just to annoy me put that put me off for a long time and by the time the second game came around, I didn’t feel the same love for the series as others did, plus I couldn’t get my head round the conversation system. I was new to RPG’s. I am sorry.

Yet all of this doesn’t tell me why I feel such emotion, such sadness, and eventually such hope, as I listen through the score. Sure, it is beautifully put together but I don’t have the narrative as to why these pieces hit so hard. I don’t know who loves whom, don’t know who hurt who, even who slept with how. I have no background, no knowledge.

Guess, I just like it because they are great pieces of music and will just have to wait until the game is released to find out why everybody loves the series so much.

Mass Effect Medley – Orchestral – YouTube

Mass Effect Trilogy – Original Soundtrack – YouTube

House of the Dead Remake

You know your getting old when all the movies, TV, shows and songs you used to love as a child start being remade for a new, younger generation. Now it seems I am old enough for my favourite video games to get the remake treatment as well. I thought I was safe. how could you remake a classic? Games are different than most other media, a video game can be a classic no matter how it looks, it is all in the way the game feels – not how it looks.

Well, It appears I was wrong, as House of the Dead, one of the greatest light gun games ever made is now getting the remake treatment. Sadly it won’t be returning to the arcades. It will however be making it’s way to the little console that could.

The Nintendo Switch

Yes, the Nintendo Switch not my first choice to play a new House of the Dead game, no my first choice would be any of the VR headsets. Imagine playing House of The Dead in VR, maybe on the Oculus Quest. with the two controllers working as your guns – without any wires. Yes the VR way would be the way to go. Wire free and terrifying. Still if the Switch is the only way I get to play a new House of the Dead I guess I will have to take it. I will just have to get over how old I feel as I run through as I play as either as I run through the spooky mansion playing as either agent Thomas Rogan or the king of House of the Dead G.

Of course when I play I will pretend it’s 1996, the original on-rails shooter has just realised and I’m still young. All I need is a large collection of 50 pence pieces and the room sweater than hell, with a smell to match

My Favourite average games

Sometimes, lighting strikes, a game is released and guess what – it’s as good as you hoped it would be, everything is just perfect. It becomes one of your favourite games of all time, and your friends secretly wish you would talk about something else. Other times, it just isn’t meant to be – lightning doesn’t strike. The game isn’t anything you wanted it to be. We grieve, we get over it and grow. Other times it’s as if the world does really want it to be a great game – it tried, you can see it, in the artwork, which is quite good, the soundtrack which is average, the story again is not bad and ever the artwork is okay, in fact everything is almost right. It is as if the pot was taken of the stove half an hour too early and what could have been a wonderful meal is a half cooked but edible stew. These are the games I want to talk about today.

The average games. the seven out of ten games. The try hard, the want to be betters and yet somehow, someway they never managed it

Altered Beast

Originally releasing in 1988. Everyone thought Altered Beast was the best. well, at least pre-teen me did. It was the first game I got with my Mega Drive and simply dazzled me. You start of as a man, a weak, silly man. It’s only as you progress through do you collect coloured orbs, the first makes you stronger, the second turns you into Arnold Schwarzenegger, muscles suddenly popping out of your body and by the third things start to get really interesting. Now depending you on your level your character will transform into anything from a werewolf to a Dragon. I was transfixed, mesmerised. Maybe it was because I was so rubbish at it. I never completed it. It took me until my twenties to discover it again and it was only then did the full averageness of the game look back at me. It was hard, bosses and enemies are cheap, hitting you easily and sometimes off screen. It’s a game made for arcade, made for 10p pieces. It has everything an average game wants to be. It sounds average, it looks worse. It’s only calling card is ”welcome to your Doom” screamed by the end of level boss. It wanted to be more, but everything is just so okay

Zool. Another of my ”favourite” Mega Drive games. Zool. It was a game released to a market that had fallen in love with Mario and Sonic and the developers wanted a piece of that money pie. Zool is a patchwork tapestry of good ideas taken from other developers better games. It’s as if the game has been made by a committee, you worked along a checklist. One would shout ”Sonic goes fast” and so a team would be told to make sure that Zool ran fast, another would shout ”he has to jump” Someone would have to make sure there has to be platforming sections. ”It has to be colourful” another would squawk and so the game got it’s colours, it’s very, very bright colours. There we go another very average game. He’s also a Ninja – that’s quite coolish. I guess

Desert Strike A long time ago, before EA were, well the EA they are today they released a few games with a similar theme. The theme was war and the way EA chose to get their message across was to have the player fly as attack helicopter. Somewhere in the Desert you attacked various enemy bases, starting easily enough, you in your attack chopper against a few soldiers but quickly ramped into you attacking various. heavily armed bases, full of enemy attack helicopters and homing missiles. It was also very, very bland. From the boring desert setting to the average look of the bases and helicopters. It was all very… fine. There are three games in the trilogy all taking you to various other places around the world. They might be better, I think they might be just as average though

The Order 1886. I have a soft spot in my heart for the 1886. It was a dream that was just too big. It was almost, nearly great. It just all feels, too shiny, far to polished, it’s only problem is that it doesn’t have much going underneath the beautiful hood. Still it’s worth a play if you have a few spare hours. Even if it is just to look at the gorgeous character models. Just look at that gorgeous crowd. Such a shame. Maybe it needs a re-release?

Ryse. Another simply stunning game and another with not much going on underneath its hood. This was probably made just to show off the power of the Xbox One (and maybe to get you to buy a Kinect) It is simply stunning. I think you could play it on one of the newer consoles and you simply wouldn’t know it was from the previous generation – it looks that good. It’s almost a good game as well. The story is okay, you play as a Roman centurion sent to put down the raids of the Celts in the north and it shows you making your way through various different enemies in various different settings. All look wonderful but, all suffer the same fault, there is outside of a few different set pieces, nothing to do in any of these settings outside of killing a large number of enemies you will all attack in a few of the same ways, who you will kill in the same way, once you have beaten them down with the your sword or spear you will be asked to do a ”kill” move, wonderful at first but quickly as there is only about five different moves they will become boring and so as you travel through the world, slowly your brain will tune out and you will sit gazing at the pretty world as you occasionally cover in dead bodies. Again if you haven’t played it, you could do worse πŸ™‚

Any games, that are very, thoroughly average and yet really stuck with you after all these years?

Is Days Gone ready for cult status?

Days Gone originally released on the the of April 2019, and yet somehow it feels like it’s a recent release. A game that somehow missed the cultural beat of its time and only now, found it’s market. Back in 2019 it was just another in a long line of Zombie based apocalypses, in a market already over saturated with them and suffered from some very cruel reviews in some of the bigger games publications. The game was simple, you either loved it or bounced straight of it. I was in the later camp. The game didn’t seem to do anything new. It felt over stretched, one good idea, stretched across a thin open world. The opening hours are quite dull, they were made to be suffered through and suffer is something you didn’t want to in a world that was under populated and quite generic. I quickly traded it in.

Then something happened. Sony decided that more people should play it. A PC release was announced, it joined the PS Collection on PS5 (with added 60FPS) and more importantly Sony decided to include it as part of April’s PS Plus selection of games. Soon a whole number of players, players who didn’t have to pay for it, started to play it and the reviews of the started to appear, people who hadn’t heard of it before now had the opportunity to play it. With the current, slow release of new games, people were able to give it the time the Sony Bend had wanted people to give to it. An old game became a fresh new game and I had to replay it. Here are my thoughts


With Days Gone being a single player adventure the story really does have to keep invested and this is initially something Days struggles with after an opening cinematic and interesting opening level that teaches the controls, I had high hopes, I thought we were in for an interesting romp through a Zombie infested world. We are not. We spend the next tens of hours, being showing where camps our (camps are were survivors live) how to get jobs, how to drive around, how to put petrol in our metal horse ( motorbike) and so on. I can see why many people give up here. The first, maybe ten hours, just feel slow, boring and meandering with a completion rate of only 32% and that’s just the story none of the side content, Sony Bend should have thought more about making an interesting story from the beginning. I know players like to get a hang of the controls and the world around them before the hand holding ends, but it juts goes on so long here and it’s a shame as the story, eventually get’s good – even if it is very much a B-movie clichΓ© and you (now this is really silly) have to complete the game and then go back and play it again for a while before getting the true additional end. Crazy. It’s a very long time, perhaps 80 hours of game play and it feels like it. With games like Ghost of Tsushima and the Last of Us 2 being completable in around 40-50 hours. Days Gone is far, far too long


If the story is too long then the gameplay is just the opposite it sits perfectly within the games atheistic, there is not much variation, which isn’t great, but the genres template gameplay elements are all accounted for there are your fetch quests, the shoot this and shoot that quests, the save that survivor quests and shoot these others because we don’t like what they are doing quests. It does have one-stand out gameplay element though and that is the Hordes. Put simply the hordes are vast units of enemy freaks. Freaks being what the game has chosen to call Zombies. These hordes all act on the one-mind principle and can number anywhere up from a few dozen to a few hundred. Simply put they are terrifying as if you make a sound or one of them catch you, there is nothing you can do but run, jump on your motorbike and drive far away as hundreds of the undead run sever towards you hunting your blood. This is the standout element of the game and one that kept me coming back way after the credits had rolled. Now instead of running away I was over powered and could just about stay in front of the hordes. They hideouts becoming little more than playgrounds for me to practice my killing techniques. Would I let them chase me through a petrol station just to see how many I could kill with a well timed explosive or would I kill them with a timed bomb strapped to a petrol pump? It was a good time.

Characters Another place where a story based game can sink or swim is it’s characters. Days Gone is no different in this respect and as is the case with most of the games similar to this Days Gone’s characters are a real mixed bag. It suffers terribly by having a few of the main characters being nothing more than one dimensional beings you have the token religious Zealot, the crazy cult leader and others that simply want nothing more than endless bloodshed. It is somewhat redeemed by the main characters bromance with his best friend and his relationship with some minor characters but in the whole, the cast is hard to love. Although the voice work is excellent.

Graphics First played on the original PS4 the game struggled to run as the developers intended. A point I think that also serves for other PlayStation big hitters like God of War and Ghost of Tsushima. Simply put all three of these games look good on the standard PS4 but on the PS5 they simply shine. I wouldn’t recommend you buy a PS5 just to play these games but the addition of 60FPS is a real game changer in these titles that demand quick reflexes the fight’s in all three now feel silky smooth and look wonderful. In the case of Days Gone the sight of 400 freakers now streaming down a hill towards you is terrifying. I almost wished that they would suffer a bit of a slowdown similar to how I first saw them on the PS4. The rest of Days looks great. Its set in Oregon in the United States a world of open pastures, mountain tops and waterfalls. It all looks lovely. A place you could almost go on holiday too. As long as you got rid of the Zombies first.

Conclusion I still don’t know how I feel about the game. I can’t fully recommend it, it is far too long. But if you have time for it. It could be worth it, its something you could go back to, dip in and out a horde here a mission there. However I would be interested in playing a sequel if it’s ever announced.

On a side note. It is a very easy ( if long) platinum trophy. You don’t even need to complete the game more than once:)

E3 is back and this time it’s virtual

E3 is back and this time it’s virtual

E3 one of the biggest conventions in the gaming world is back and this year, it’s being streamed for free. Will you watch it?

As we know many publishers will chose this convention running from the 12th to the 15th of June to show of their latest games. Many of which will be released over the next 12 months and many more that will have a great trailer and then for whatever reason never see the light of day (here’s looking at you Prey 2).

Still with many publishers including Nintendo, Xbox, Ubisoft, Konami already saying that they will be taking part. We can expect the usual clamour of fan boys and girls, screaming and crying over their beloved franchise maybe getting a reboot only this over the internet.

Still with no paywalls and no VIP packages this could be the way E3 goes ahead in the future.

I shall be sitting here hoping for another tiny glimpse of the Perfect Dark remake. Like the good little fan boy I am.

Five games for when you are short on time

Games are great aren’t they? They let you escape to places you will never visit, be someone you could never be and have powers more in common with fiction than reality. In short games are great aren’t they? In fact, one of the only criticisms you can really lay on Video Games is that they aren’t the greatest respecters of the players time. Even then you could say that a lot of that is based on the price vs time spent playing a game that some people use to say wether or not a game is worth their time.

Still, sometimes it’s good to sit down and know that your going to complete the game you have your eye on and not in hundreds of hours, not in tens of hours but simply in a few.

Here are some of my favourites:

Firewatch is primarily this game is about the day job, The job of looking out for wildfires in one of America’s National Parks, about telling off stupid adults as they litter or get drunk and then go swimming. It’s also more than that, it’s about loneliness, about finding yourself in the middle of nowhere, it’s about solving a mystery, starting again and helping others. Through the game you will only talk to one other person and that person you will only ever talk to over a radio, and yet even though you will never see them ,you will fuse a bond so strong, that it will feel like you have known them for a life time. It also helps that the game is utterly gorgeous to look at and doesn’t punish you for just walking, just taking it all in. For loosing yourself in your surroundings

A lovely view
It’s cold down here

Dear Esther

Be careful with this one. Again, on paper it’s another game picked from the walking simulator genre. In reality it’s a game about loss and depression about wanting it all to be over. This is not a happy game – at least I didn’t find it to be. I played it one New Years Eve as everyone I knew was out partying, I was sat at home, not feeling great and feeling very sorry for myself. Not the state you want to be when you start this game. It starts hopefully enough. You are just walking about a small Island taking everything in. It’s nice tranquil, the perfect game to play, when you’re not feeling your best. It’s only later, once the story starts to kick in, does the game start to begin. It’s not very happy. However it is a great game and one that you should be played. Just know that you won’t come away laughing.


Time to walk away from the sad train now. Time to test our brains and what better way to do that then by playing the ever popular and still brilliant Portal. Yes it may be old now and yes I have only just completed it but, is it ever still as witty, original and striking as you remember. It’s one to get out and play whenever you have a few spare hours and fancy firing that Portal gun again.

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Like many people I accidently completed this game in one sitting and like many people I didn’t mean to. The game is simply fun to play and very short. In fact I think it is only about an hour and fifteen minutes long. Perfect for when you want a gaming fix but don’t have time to dedicate anything longer This game is simply popcorn. Gaming popcorn, it’s bright, colourful and if you could eat it, would probably contain noting good for you. It’s just a good time, with a catchy soundtrack.


Superhot Another game that can be completed in an hour or one that could take over your entire gaming life as you try and get all the achievements/ trophies available. It’s a game with a striking look and a singular game mechanic. The elevator pitch is simple. Time only moves when you do. If you stand still nothing happens. It’s only when you move, do your opponents move. At first its startling as you try and get to grips with the controls you die. You die a lot. But, just when you think you will never get it, something clicks. Your brain starts to understand how the game wants to be played. You limit your movements. You play more aggressively. You learn, if you get hit by anything from a first to a snooker cue you die. One hit. Game Over. Then you move up a level. You improve the way you play. You realise this isn’t a game about killing everyone in the room. The room is a puzzle, yes you the objective is to kill and kill again but you can’t go in guns blazing, that’s not an advantage you have. The Advantage you have is time, time to pick your shot, to think about your next move, learning the room to perfection and then striking like a Shark.

If you have anything to add to this list please do πŸ™‚

#MaybeinMarch: Star Wars Battlefront 2

Thanks to an excellent prompt by the wonderful bloggers at Later Levels – XP comes with age and #LoveYourBacklog 2021: My Stuff! – Visceral Video Game Gabbing ( a prompt that wanted you too finally, finally complete the oldest game in your gaming collection. I finally took the chance to play the, (quite good) Star Wars: Battlefront 2.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 isn’t the oldest game in the world having released in 2017 but it was the oldest game in my collection. A fact that was new to me. I thought I had much, much older games hanging around but somehow they have all been completed recently or were just too bad/hard to play through to the end. Somehow, I even managed to complete everything in my Steam Library! so Star Wars it had to be. Plus I gave myself a bonus backlog point for having this game still sitting on the shelf and still in it’s plastic wrapping. What a waste of money πŸ™‚

I like to think of this as somewhat of a stand against the gaming practices of the time. At the time of this games release it was common practice for games to release for full price ands then be stocked full of micro transactions. Micro transactions that directly helped you win the game. Completely giving players a pay-to-win mentality. A practice that I don’t enjoy. I had also heard that the single player campaign wasn’t all that good and so at the time I decided to give it a miss. Until now

Playing the game in 2021 the games a different beast. The dreaded micro-transactions have vanished, I am happy to announce and so we players are free to entertain ourselves in any way we see fit whether it be in large all out large scale wars of up to 40 players or smaller scale matches between just a few players or if you fancy playing as one of the heros or villains of the franchise you can either in specially made hero’s vs Villains matches or in the sky for the game lets you take to the universes sky’s as well this time letting you pilot all of the universes greatest ships from the X-Wing to the Millenium Falcon there all here and mainly available from the start and that’s what makes the multiplayer compotent of this title so fun to play. Nothing is hidden behind a paywall now. It lets you play with all of it’s toys from the start. Yes some of the heros and Villians may only be available in the main multiplayer compartment after a few kills and a few points are added to your score but, it’s nothing like what it was before. Now you don’t need to pay to win, you don’t need to get the credit card out have a good time. The only thing stopping you from winning is your skill and of course the squad level of your team. Remember” a good squad sticks together”

If only the single player section was as good as the multiplayer part. It simply isn’t. It’s not as if the title doesn’t try. In fact so much has been put into the presentation that I almost feel sorry for EA and DICE. the game sounds as you would want a Star Wars game to sound the sound effects are perfect, everything sounds as if you are in the Star Wars universe the blaster bolts have the same sound as in the movies and the lightsabre’s fizz and hiss perfectly through the air – a simple childhood fantasy made real. It’s just a shame that the game suffers from a very generic story and the characters are mostly from the uncanny valley school of videogame characters. Although I would like to say that Iden Versio the main protagonist voiced and modelled on Janina Gavankar looks incredible. Still for as good/slightly scary looking as the title is and even with perfect sound effects the game is still missing something and I think it’s missing a core. It is all very mechanical, all very much by the numbers. It’s a game that takes no risks, no chances. Its as if the developers made a decision to make sure it ticked all the Star Wars references. With every box ticked they forgot to breath life into their creation. It’s a Frankenstein’s monster without that one important ingredient. They forgot to give it life, that one spark of electricity, the electricity of life is missing

Until You Fall and the broken finger

When done right a good VR game is a wonderful medium for helping you utterly forgetting your troubles. A good VR game can transport you from your here and now to new worlds. Worlds coming to live as never before. Simply put a good VR game can be transformative, immersive, and alive. The sense of just ”being there” in a good VR game is simply staggering. Your current surroundings forgotten as the drama now playing out in front of your eyes becomes your reality, an emersion so all conquering that your mind is tricked, tricked into believing what ever is front of you is in front of you. The shots being fired, are being fired at you, the monster stalking through the rooms of the abandoned house that up until now you have been quietly exploring is hunting and you are it’s prey, it has you in it’s sights and the sword fight you are currently in – really is a sword fight. You have just blocked a strike from your enemy and now you, about to be the saviour of the realm, must strike the killing blow. Saving your people from lives full of slavery and pain

The only thing is. It’s not real. As my hand flew through the air, grip tight on my sword. I didn’t make the killing blow – didn’t save the world from a deadly foe. No the only thing my virtual sword connected with was my bookcase. I hit it. Full force. For a second I didn’t know what had happened, what had gone wrong? My mind was confused. Why was my enemy still standing, still breathing, still looking at me? Then reality kicked it. The pain shot into my hand, straight into my finger and immediately started to throb. It tore my headset of, stared in disbelief as my ring finger started to throb, swell and as I started to bend it- to check the damage I let out a little yelp. The pain ,was agony. Now as I type this, with one finger

I realised something

That’s the secret to what makes a good VR game the sense of ”being there” and that’s exactly what Until You Fall, the current release from Schell Games gives to us, budding saviours of the realm that we are. With it’s realistic sword fighting, magical combat. It’s strange neon lit world where enemies wait for us with their swords drawn in a neon hellscape that they have made their own. We must fight our way to freedom. You will start with nothing. You will die but every run you will improve. Your weapons will get better, your spells will grow with you and as you battle this seemingly never ending stream of neon monsters you will always have a smile on your face.

Just remember to clear your play space. I don’t want you to break your finger too πŸ™‚

Doom 3 is coming for VR

Somehow even though I have always been a big fan of the series. I have never played Doom 3. It was an error I had always meant to correct. A hole in my gaming knowledge that I needed to fix and yet for some reason, a hole I have never got round to filling. I had various excuses firstly the game wasn’t great, it didn’t control well, it was too dark, it needed a very, very expensive PC to run it and a whole other host of excuses I had given to myself over the years to justify my non-play.

Yet as these excuses were slowly fixed, the game was released on the XBox, PS3 and eventually the PS4, the ability to hold a torch was added in so you didn’t have to choose between being able to see or being able to shoot, for some reason I still couldn’t take the plunge. Had the game in my basket on numerous occasions on various different consoles and still couldn’t take the plunge. Something always held me back a little voice in the back of my mind always telling me to ”wait”

Now I know why. I held back because it’s coming to VR and (fingers crossed) it’s going to be amazing. The final and best way to play this game. After all who doesn’t want to scream into a headset as they curl up in a tiny ball on the floor, watching in disbelief in a CyberDemon tears you in half

It’s going to be amazing. Plus you can use your Aim controller on the PSVR

Face your nightmares in Doom 3: VR Edition for PS VR – PlayStation.Blog