Creed PSVR

Its January and just as you can depend on the day getting dark, just as you decide to finally get your day going. You can also depend on me saying that '' this year, I am going to lose a few pounds'' and then following that up with'' I know I say that every year … Continue reading Creed PSVR


Rez Infinite

  Cast our Minds back to 2002. Here is your humble blogger standing in what was the very large HMV building in London's Trocodero. the reason were here? A chance to play Rez the on rail shooter developed by United Game Artists and finally released in Europe. Rez was an original and I think still … Continue reading Rez Infinite

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted, you beautiful, wonderful Sunday afternoon matinee of a game, how close you are too perfection. Close but not quite close enough. It does so many things right and even manages to add a few new things to a mix that its easy to forget your playing a pared down Uncharted an Uncharted with all … Continue reading Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

To The End! Or Not

Hello! You catch me taking what is now becoming, a long break from the Witcher 3 the brilliant RPG from Polish developer CD Projekt RED.  I have really enjoyed my time with it, finished up the main quest. Finished a few of the many side-quests and done a few other bits and pieces and generally … Continue reading To The End! Or Not

Have You Ever;

Played around with a games photo mode? It's something new to me, managed to completely miss it in Uncharted 4 and was completely unaware that it even existed in any game before that. Now however Horizon Zero Dawn, you big beautiful sand box of a game has gripped me hard with two of its robot … Continue reading Have You Ever;

For Freedom! (or something like that)

Dropped into a vast jungle, I quickly grab my weapons and run. I run knowing that the only way out of this nightmare of a hell hole, that I have somehow found myself  in isn't to hide and hope for someone; better, someone bigger, stronger and hopefully armed with a never ending supply of bullets … Continue reading For Freedom! (or something like that)

Animal Killing (in games)

Great, absolutely, frigging  fantastic. I need a new satchel, to carry all my crap. Crap that I haven't even found a use for yet, and yet for some reason I want to hold onto because  well you've played a few of these type of games before and gaming logic suggests that someday, somewhere in what … Continue reading Animal Killing (in games)


Cuphead has finally got a release date. Howrah. rejoice! Originally set to release on the original Xbox in 2014 has finally got it's release date and its this very year September the 29th in fact . Its a game I have been looking forward to immensely ever since it was first announced and one of … Continue reading Cuphead

Is It Still Worth Buying Games?

I know, I know, crazy ramblings of a madman but, here me out. After all as gamer's is buying games not our raison d'etre. Without buying games, where would our hobby  be? Would you have to find something new to blog about, find a new way to make small talk with strangers? After all everybody … Continue reading Is It Still Worth Buying Games?

It’s Time for Another…

Look back into the dark passages of time. To play that which we have just been too lazy to play up until now. Yes it's time for another Revisit!!! Exiting? I know Its time to get comfy, put your feet up and get ready to read the Revisit of Lara Croft: mass murderer, killer of … Continue reading It’s Time for Another…