Games for People that don’t play games

Excuse this post. It's a little self-indulgent. You see for the first time in a while I managed to '' convert''  someone and no, not in the way you think. I managed to convert a so-called non-gamer a self-professed hater of gaming no less. A man who once said that '' gaming is nothing but … Continue reading Games for People that don’t play games


Revisit: Sunset Overdrive

Never, in the history of video games has one person tried so hard to like a game as much as I have tried to like Sunset Overdrive. I have tried ever way I know how. Tried playing in the morning, in the the middle of the night. Played for ten minutes, an hour, two … Continue reading Revisit: Sunset Overdrive

Well, This is Slightly Embarrassing

Great Games Never Played. Here we sit at Games and Stuff towers idly leafing through the ideas pad wondering just what the devil to write about today when I stumble across an idea we had for a piece a few months ago. At a time when this little blog was merely a thing that would be. … Continue reading Well, This is Slightly Embarrassing

Why Are There..

Just sooo many great games being released right now? I know, I know. The above sentence is stupid, silly and something I shouldn't really be saying as neither you or I want this current run of great game, after great game release to end anytime soon. I should be be greatfull, Although there is a … Continue reading Why Are There..

For Freedom! (or something like that)

Dropped into a vast jungle, I quickly grab my weapons and run. I run knowing that the only way out of this nightmare of a hell hole, that I have somehow found myself  in isn't to hide and hope for someone; better, someone bigger, stronger and hopefully armed with a never ending supply of bullets … Continue reading For Freedom! (or something like that)

Animal Killing (in games)

Great, absolutely, frigging  fantastic. I need a new satchel, to carry all my crap. Crap that I haven't even found a use for yet, and yet for some reason I want to hold onto because  well you've played a few of these type of games before and gaming logic suggests that someday, somewhere in what … Continue reading Animal Killing (in games)

It’s Sale time

Its that time of year again. A time some people have saved for. Made lists for, guessed what will be included and of course, most of the time been wrong. What I am talking about you ask? Well, its sale time, you see, the time of year when video games companies gang together to laugh … Continue reading It’s Sale time


Yes, I know you are Super Hot. You lovely reader you! Apart from you, there is also a game called Super Hot and and that is what I would like to talk about today. Now for the Gumpf SuperHot  was originally created as an entry to the 7 day FPS challenge, the demonstration was so … Continue reading SUPERHOT

The wall

Here I sit, currently listening to the sounds of a storm ,as the rain lashes down and the wind beats against the trees and notice that my body has started to forget that it's summer. Long forgotten are the warm summer evenings. Spent idling away over summer walks in the park. I would say it … Continue reading The wall