The Games of 2018

Well, this is it. Time is almost up for 2018. A year filled to the brim with most of people in charge making absolutely absurd decisions for their respective countries and the people who leave within them but, fear not … Continue reading The Games of 2018

Why Are There..

Just sooo many great games being released right now? I know, I know. The above sentence is stupid, silly and something I shouldn’t really be saying as neither you or I want this current run of great game, after great game release to end anytime soon. I should be be greatfull, Although there is a huge flood of games on the way, so maybe it could be.. Just slowed Down a little? In every flood something is lost and in this tide I wonder what will be washed away, unseen and unloved only to be rediscovered in a years time , revalued and hailed as a masterpiece. … Continue reading Why Are There..