Beta impressions: Star Wars Battlefront II

Confession time! I am useless at online shooters. Really, really bad at online shooters. I shouldn’t play on line shooters, I should watch others but, as a big time Star Wars fan I decided to download the demo and give … Continue reading Beta impressions: Star Wars Battlefront II

Well, This is Slightly Embarrassing

Great Games Never Played. Here we sit at Games and Stuff towers idly leafing through the ideas pad wondering just what the devil to write about today when I stumble across an idea we had for a piece a few months … Continue reading Well, This is Slightly Embarrassing

Why Are There..

Just sooo many great games being released right now? I know, I know. The above sentence is stupid, silly and something I shouldn’t really be saying as neither you or I want this current run of great game, after great game release to end anytime soon. I should be be greatfull, Although there is a huge flood of games on the way, so maybe it could be.. Just slowed Down a little? In every flood something is lost and in this tide I wonder what will be washed away, unseen and unloved only to be rediscovered in a years time , revalued and hailed as a masterpiece. … Continue reading Why Are There..