Skyrim and the Donkey

Some genres, you just can't get into not matter how hard you try. You could clear a schedule in your calendar, leave space in your diary, even plan an all nighter but no matter what you do, somethings just aren't meant for you. This is where i sit with open world RPG's there a genre … Continue reading Skyrim and the Donkey


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted, you beautiful, wonderful Sunday afternoon matinee of a game, how close you are too perfection. Close but not quite close enough. It does so many things right and even manages to add a few new things to a mix that its easy to forget your playing a pared down Uncharted an Uncharted with all … Continue reading Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Well, This is Slightly Embarrassing

Great Games Never Played. Here we sit at Games and Stuff towers idly leafing through the ideas pad wondering just what the devil to write about today when I stumble across an idea we had for a piece a few months ago. At a time when this little blog was merely a thing that would be. … Continue reading Well, This is Slightly Embarrassing


Yes, I know you are Super Hot. You lovely reader you! Apart from you, there is also a game called Super Hot and and that is what I would like to talk about today. Now for the Gumpf SuperHot  was originally created as an entry to the 7 day FPS challenge, the demonstration was so … Continue reading SUPERHOT

It’s Finally Happened

It's (almost) here. What am i babbling about you rightly ask? I think you already know it's... the SNES Mini. The was new, then old, now new and tiny, shiny console we didn't know we wanted. Until we couldn't get our hands on the NES mini and now we will just buy anything that's tiny … Continue reading It’s Finally Happened

Can’t Let, won’t let go

firstly a disclaimer. I live in a small flat and do not have the room. Right, now that's out of the way Old consoles. I love you, new consoles come join us, the more the merrier. I just can't stop, can't let go. It's my problem, my addiction, to list a few of the ones … Continue reading Can’t Let, won’t let go

Fantasia Music Evolved

Wave those Hands in the Air   A little self indulgence in here.  Please forgive me ☺️ In fact' I'm going to say something that is not too popular on this site or really any other for that matter. I quite like  the Kinect. There i have said it. Internet shame befall me, actually that's … Continue reading Fantasia Music Evolved

The HD Remaster

The old is again the new Oh hearing that the Shadow of the Colossus is going under the knife for the now standard HD Remaster '' this time built from the ground up'' I started to ponder. Pondering firstly as to whether or not to rush straight out and buy the game as soon as … Continue reading The HD Remaster

The wall

Here I sit, currently listening to the sounds of a storm ,as the rain lashes down and the wind beats against the trees and notice that my body has started to forget that it's summer. Long forgotten are the warm summer evenings. Spent idling away over summer walks in the park. I would say it … Continue reading The wall