Skyrim and the Donkey

Some genres, you just can't get into not matter how hard you try. You could clear a schedule in your calendar, leave space in your diary, even plan an all nighter but no matter what you do, somethings just aren't meant for you. This is where i sit with open world RPG's there a genre … Continue reading Skyrim and the Donkey


The Carrot or the Stick

Which works best for you the Carrot or the Stick? Not sure? Sometimes, the carrot approach works best? A little helping hand gently nudging you in the right direction. Just ever so slightly convincing you to do what you have to do, or what ever you don't want to do. Other times, It's the Stick? … Continue reading The Carrot or the Stick

Have You Ever;

Played around with a games photo mode? It's something new to me, managed to completely miss it in Uncharted 4 and was completely unaware that it even existed in any game before that. Now however Horizon Zero Dawn, you big beautiful sand box of a game has gripped me hard with two of its robot … Continue reading Have You Ever;

Animal Killing (in games)

Great, absolutely, frigging  fantastic. I need a new satchel, to carry all my crap. Crap that I haven't even found a use for yet, and yet for some reason I want to hold onto because  well you've played a few of these type of games before and gaming logic suggests that someday, somewhere in what … Continue reading Animal Killing (in games)