Is Backlog the right term?

Backlogs. For some of us it, work the never ending barrage of the to do list, for others in books, books yet to be read their pages ever ready to be dog eared and loved, just as soon as somebody gets a chance to finally sit down and open that first page. For others, myself … Continue reading Is Backlog the right term?


Tales From the Borderlands

  There are many '' firsts'' that I will always remember among them are:my first alcoholic beverage (disgusting) my first kiss (not disgusting) and of course because I do like a good book, my first role playing adventure. I remember the books so clearly, for two reasons; firstly it was great fun to sit down, … Continue reading Tales From the Borderlands

The Fantasy Football Team

It's back and its bring its usual mixture of high drama, dodgy refereeing decisions and lots and lots of goals. That's right Games and Stuff, is taking a slight turn to the left today as we talk about some stuff and that stuff being The English football premiership  the fantasy team. Yes we are crap … Continue reading The Fantasy Football Team

The Race to the Bottom

A quandary. Reading an article a few days ago by the the author  Philip Pullman on why the cover price of books should never  ever be lowered has got me thinking you see the author feels that the price on the book should be the price paid no matter who is buying it, regardless if … Continue reading The Race to the Bottom