Get out of my head

Sounds they control our lives. From convincing us which cars to buy, the orchestral score will rise higher as the car in the advert flows up and above all the rest taking you and it to new heights, just as long as you buy it. To the way a sound or soundtrack can add an … Continue reading Get out of my head


It’s Time To Get Nervous

This Friday the long awaited Xbox exclusive Cuphead will be finally, (please don't delay it) released to the general public and that means ladies and gentlemen that video games reviewers across the world are hoping one thing. They are hoping they don't have to review it. Don't get me wrong video game reviewers are like … Continue reading It’s Time To Get Nervous


Cuphead has finally got a release date. Howrah. rejoice! Originally set to release on the original Xbox in 2014 has finally got it's release date and its this very year September the 29th in fact . Its a game I have been looking forward to immensely ever since it was first announced and one of … Continue reading Cuphead