When A Review’s Not a Review

Hi, sorry. When i first started dabbling with this blog, i promised myself that i wouldn’t write any reviews. You don’t need another review of a game, you have probably already made your mind up over, before you stumbled across this little blog and well, frankly I am just not that good at playing Video Games to be able to keep up with all the new releases anyway. So there you have it, this is very much not a review. the piece below will in no way help you to find out if the game i am about to describe … Continue reading When A Review’s Not a Review

The Gaming Future

The future is coming In fact if we believe Sony and Microsoft its here now,its called the gaming ¬†subscription service With Sony announcing the PS Now a game streaming service for some parts of Europe and America in early 2015 and a full release in the UK in March of the same year. We all guessed that at some point the other big player in the console gaming market, Microsoft would release something to compete with it soon and now they have . This week Microsoft announced the Xbox game pass, releasing to the gaming public in the Spring of … Continue reading The Gaming Future