Travis Strikes Again

Perusing, the various up coming Nintendo Switch games lists, as you do if you are still trying to convince yourself that; A: Getting a Nintendo Switch is STILL a good idea and B Your Wife is still not sold on it ( I promise you, she will play it more than me).I came across the PAX … Continue reading Travis Strikes Again


It’s Finally Happened

It's (almost) here. What am i babbling about you rightly ask? I think you already know it's... the SNES Mini. The was new, then old, now new and tiny, shiny console we didn't know we wanted. Until we couldn't get our hands on the NES mini and now we will just buy anything that's tiny … Continue reading It’s Finally Happened

What’s that coming over the hill?

It's not a monster Sadly..... It is of course...drum roll please...Time for E3, that time of the year when gaming's great and good good, gather together in joyful worship of all things game and gaming related Whats sights and delights will be seeing this year?as we peer into our collective gaming future? Wondering where all … Continue reading What’s that coming over the hill?