Why do we keep doing stuff were bad at?

I have a problem, it's a little bit of a secret but, we are all friends here and I feel its a safe place 🙂 and its a secret  that a few of you may share with me? I am very bad at  computer games. Very, very bad indeed. You will always me towards the... Continue Reading →



As part of my Halloween for babies experiment, where I have tried to play through three of the least scary games in my backlog which are: Inside, Dead Rising 3 and Oxenfree. All three have a horror theme but, are not too long nor too scary for me to play through, without running away hiding... Continue Reading →

The Heart of Gaming

It was supposed to be a day of gaming. A game of fun, frolics and probably a bit too much mickey taking as last Saturday was supposed to co-op day. The now annual day me and my gaming friends have marked in the calendar as THE day of gaming A day where we all meet... Continue Reading →

Well, This is Slightly Embarrassing

Great Games Never Played. Here we sit at Games and Stuff towers idly leafing through the ideas pad wondering just what the devil to write about today when I stumble across an idea we had for a piece a few months ago. At a time when this little blog was merely a thing that would be.... Continue Reading →

It’s Sale time

Its that time of year again. A time some people have saved for. Made lists for, guessed what will be included and of course, most of the time been wrong. What I am talking about you ask? Well, its sale time, you see, the time of year when video games companies gang together to laugh... Continue Reading →


Yes, I know you are Super Hot. You lovely reader you! Apart from you, there is also a game called Super Hot and and that is what I would like to talk about today. Now for the Gumpf SuperHot  was originally created as an entry to the 7 day FPS challenge, the demonstration was so... Continue Reading →

Is It Still Worth Buying Games?

I know, I know, crazy ramblings of a madman but, here me out. After all as gamer's is buying games not our raison d'etre. Without buying games, where would our hobby  be? Would you have to find something new to blog about, find a new way to make small talk with strangers? After all everybody... Continue Reading →

Can’t Let, won’t let go

firstly a disclaimer. I live in a small flat and do not have the room. Right, now that's out of the way Old consoles. I love you, new consoles come join us, the more the merrier. I just can't stop, can't let go. It's my problem, my addiction, to list a few of the ones... Continue Reading →

What’s that coming over the hill?

It's not a monster Sadly..... It is of course...drum roll please...Time for E3, that time of the year when gaming's great and good good, gather together in joyful worship of all things game and gaming related Whats sights and delights will be seeing this year?as we peer into our collective gaming future? Wondering where all... Continue Reading →

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