The Games of 2018

Well, this is it. Time is almost up for 2018. A year filled to the brim with most of people in charge making absolutely absurd decisions for their respective countries and the people who leave within them but, fear not dear reader because there is still a glimmer of hope of hope on the horizon … Continue reading The Games of 2018


Batman: Arkham VR

A little bit about Batman: Arkham VR


As part of my Halloween for babies experiment, where I have tried to play through three of the least scary games in my backlog which are: Inside, Dead Rising 3 and Oxenfree. All three have a horror theme but, are not too long nor too scary for me to play through, without running away hiding … Continue reading Oxenfree

Thumper: A Confession

I should have listened, I should have stopped. Its not as if I wasn't warned. You told me not to do it. You told me it was hard. I didn't listen. Caught up in a gamer's ego, a storm of my own making. My fingers were fast enough I told myself, my reactions just quick … Continue reading Thumper: A Confession

Revisit: Sunset Overdrive

Never, in the history of video games has one person tried so hard to like a game as much as I have tried to like Sunset Overdrive. I have tried ever way I know how. Tried playing in the morning, in the the middle of the night. Played for ten minutes, an hour, two … Continue reading Revisit: Sunset Overdrive